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Three career diplomats designated as Ambassadors

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has designated three career diplomats as Ambassadors to Saudi Arabia, Brazil and Iran.

Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, P.M. Amsa has been nominated as Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. Amsa’s nomination has been forwarded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs along with the names of two other career diplomats designated to Brazil and Iran to the High Post Committee of the Parliament.

The Ambassadors designated to Brazil is D.M.S.B. Dassanayaka and G.M.V. Wishwanatha Aponsu is to be posted to Iran.

Aponsu is the Director-General of Consular Affairs, while Dassanayaka is the Director-General of Human Resources and Mission Management at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Sri Lankan Mission in Saudi Arabia is without an Ambassador for more than a year ever since former Ambassador Azmi Thassim completed his tour of duty in the Kingdom.

Amsa has been in the Foreign Service for more than two decades with a record of serving as his country’s Ambassador in Turkey and Brussels and as deputy High Commissioner in Chennai.