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Must-know baby grooming tips

We all agree that babies are beautiful. But even the tiniest babies require some upkeep in the hair, nail, and skin departments. Paying attention to your infant's appearance encourages you to care for them in ways that help them stay healthy and comfortable. The bonus point is that you are instilling good grooming habits from day one.

Here are some grooming basics to keep in mind when it comes to pampering your little ones from head to toe.

Treatments for baby skin

Treatments which include ceramides is the best option for baby skin. These are available over the counter and by prescription. Otherwise, a good moisturizer, fragrance-free cream, or ointments, when used several times daily, will help your baby's skin retain its natural moisture. Apply immediately after a bath.

Treatments for baby hair

Understand that it’s completely normal for a newborn to have no hair or to have hair loss! It doesn’t indicate an underlying health problem.

  •  Apply coconut oil

Coconut oil is rich in natural vitamin E, which is a nutrient with antioxidant properties. It’s not only beneficial to the skin - it can also promote hair growth by improving blood circulation to the scalp.

Coconut oil also adds shine to hair and may prevent hair loss. To help stimulate thicker, fuller hair, gently apply coconut oil to your baby’s scalp a few times per week. This doesn’t only moisturize their hair; it can also help eliminate cradle cap.

Use organic or extra-virgin coconut oil - it’s unrefined, meaning it hasn’t been processed. Apply a small amount to your baby’s scalp and allow the oil to sit for about 20 minutes. Rinse their scalp with warm water.

  • Brush your baby’s scalp

Gently combing, brushing, or massaging baby’s scalp can also stimulate hair growth. This is because regular grooming can loosen cradle cap and remove dry skin.

  • Shampoo regularly

You might be nervous to wash your baby’s hair, but regular shampooing keeps their scalp clean and also loosens cradle cap.

Once baby is out of the newborn phase (during which you need to bathe them only about once per week), wash their hair every two or three days. Make sure you use lukewarm water and a gentle baby shampoo.

Switching baby products to adult products

At the age of 8 to10, you can switch the baby shampoo to the adult shampoo for your kid.

Make sure that your kid will be cautious when making use of the shampoo and also note that they do not get the shampoo into their eyes. The reason kids' shampoos are tear-free is that they have fewer chemicals that are potential eye irritants.

Developing a skin care routine

  •  Between age 6 to13

This is a perfect age range to start reinforcing good skincare habits. Habits they internalize at this age will likely carry over into their adult lives so consistency is key to making sure skincare is a lifelong habit.

This is also a good age to introduce facial skincare routines. Start simple with face washing using a gentle facial cleanser such as Gentle Milk Facial Cleanser or Clarifying Facial Cleanser.

Follow with a gentle toner to balance skin pH such as Calming Facial Toner or Lavender and Chamomile Facial Toner. Then follow with a lightweight lotion such as Basic Baby Lotion.

  • Between age 14 to 20

At this age and beyond, skincare is supremely important.

Teens often develop chaotic skin so a good diet and good skincare routine are paramount to keep skin looking its best. We recommend starting a night time and morning skincare routine.

At night, use Clarifying Facial Cleanser to help gently clean all dirt, make-up and residue from the day off the face.

This is also a good age to start using exfoliants on both face and skin but be sure to only use facial exfoliants on the face. Try using Clarifying Facial Exfoliant 1-3 nights per week. Exfoliants help remove dead skin cells and using them at night is most beneficial.

Follow with a Moisturizing Toner to return skin to its normal pH. And finally, finish with Soothing Lotion to make sure skin is both hydrated and nourished.

In the morning, use a gentle facial cleanser such as Gentle Milk Facial Cleanser, follow with Moisturizing Toner and Soothing Lotion.

Sun block is a must at any age!

Selecting quality nail care products

Most salons use products that are for professionals only, and your nail technician should be able to explain what products she uses and why. There have been great advances in nail chemistry in the last 10 years.

Home remedies for baby skin and hair

It is best not to use anything other than dermatologically recommended products as babies skin is very sensitive and can react to many things.

- Compiled by Ruwini Jayawardana


Selecting quality products for firs time use

  •  Always look at what ingredients the products contain. Find a hair care product that works for your hair regimen.
  •  Select an effective shampoo.
  •  Buy a conditioner that provides protein and moisture to your strands.
  •  When it comes to hair gels for natural hair, there is no specific rule to follow.
  • Choose natural oils and body butter.
  • Make it a habit to read the labels.
  • Review the labels on your hair and skin care products.
  • Hair products have different effects on hair.
  • Don’t take those labels for granted.
  • Consider your hair and skin goals. Always keep in mind that quality is more important than price.