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Candid and confident!

It takes dollops of confidence, wit and intellect, apart from beauty to win a beauty pageant. Nuwangi Chathurani Bandara, first runner up for Miss Asia 2011, seems to have it all, as she proved with her experience throughout the years.

“Taking part in Miss Asia 2011 boosted my confidence. The competition had a lot of plus points in store for me. It encouraged growth in confidence, turned me into an outgoing personality, and helped me build a positive self-image. I believe that beauty competitions pave way for women to improve their self-esteem. Miss Asia 2011 allowed me to overcome my fear in facing challenges which come across my path in day to day life. I was able to overcome stage fright due to my stint in taking part in the competition,” the doe-eyed beauty explained.

She notes that she had always been a fan of beauty pageants from a young age. Both internationally acclaimed beauty pageants as well as local Avurudu Kumari competitions kindled her interest. Motivated by what she had witnessed and learnt, the young lass has taken part in and won a handful of such events.

“Taking part in Miss Asia happened due to my passion for the field. It was very competitive and I did not think I would be able to win even a mini title let along the frst runner up place. However, I managed to clinch the Miss Beautiful Smile mini title. That was my most memorable moment during the whole competition,” she added, flashing her million dollar smile.

Born and raised in the beautiful surroundings of Hikkaduwa in the Southern province, Nuwangi schooled at Southlands College, Galle. Her father, Bandara, was an army officer. Her mother, Wasantha, is a retired senior sewing instructor. Her brother is employed in the IT field.

Recalling her most challenging segment at Miss Asia 2011, Nuwangi says that she found facing the interview with the judges the toughest in the whole event.

“They are aware that we will become the face of the pageant so they are keen to pick out the best people to endorse their brand. They emphasise on qualities like the ability to address the public gracefully,” she elaborated.

Winning the first runner up title has come as a shock and a surprise for her. She is extremely happy and proud of her achievement today. Her success helped her find ground in two fields she adored: modeling and acting. Her most cherished role is acting as one of the main characters, Ruwanthika, in Suneth Malinga Lokuhewa’s ‘Ayemath Adaren’ teledrama which was telecast on ITN.

“I got noticed and got a lot of special advantages wherever I went. I also got many opportunities to pursue my passions and got the chance to bask in the love of the public. Being famous also means that you become richer too. Similar to all these plus points, celebrity comes with its price too. You cannot engage in some activities which the average person can because the spotlight is always focused on you. There is no privacy. People constantly judge celebrities and this can be unfair to them. You gain a lot of ‘false friends’ when you achieve success. Stalkers come behind you too,” she spelled out the pros and cons of becoming a starlet.

Queried on how she deals with criticism and Nuwangi says that she takes the fact that nobody is perfect to heart and listens to the negative feedback with an objective mindset. She has recognized her strengths and weaknesses in this manner and thus is able to approach criticism with an open mind.

Sharing her beauty mantra, Nuwangi advices everyone to consume antioxidant-rich food.

“Indeed, fruits and vegetables are considered the best sources of antioxidants. I use a safe, mineral-based sunscreen daily and apply skin care products right after bathing.

I working out too. Exercise increases blood flow throughout the body, thereby bringing vital oxygen, nutrients, and minerals to the skin. Working out leads to brighter, better-looking skin,” she said.

Due to the global pandemic, Nuwangi spends most of her time at home. However she is up for facing any challenges and taking on any opportunities which the future may offer her.

“I pride myself in being flexible and adaptable. I think the best way in planning for the future is to make the most of the present,” she opined.