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‘New demand for retired teachers to offer online education’

Indika De Zoysa
Indika De Zoysa

With the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for online education has increased and there is a new demand for retired teachers who have now moved in to providing online education solutions.

Vice President - Enterprise Business Group at Huawei Technologies Lanka, Indika De Zoysa said that this is due current teachers inability to meet with the growing demand for online learning through Zoom and other means and also since some education providers are hiring retired teachers to provide online education.

He said the government is planning to distribute 96,000 Tabs to schools and this will further increase the demand for retired teachers. To increase the penetration of the internet, Huawei has agreed to partner with the Education Ministry to provide 30,000 internet access points for students’ distance learning education. Recently, Huawei has debuted IdeaHub, which simplifies the transformation of online teaching at an International Chinese School in Brazil. Huawei previewed a series of digital transformation solutions last year to support continuous learning and quality education in the Middle East over the coming years

During the COVID -19 pandemic several new marketing and educating initiatives were done by the government, TV stations, marketer’s and these initiatives/adaptations were among the first in the region where Sri Lanka can be proud of.

“We have also seen a local entrepreneur who is hiring A/L students on a temporary basis to teach English online to students in London and simpler enterprises are now emerging. He also appreciated the government’s ICT driven projects including ‘‘Gamata Sanniwedanaya’ which aims to establish the necessary connectivity infrastructure which is imperative for Sri Lanka to successfully navigate its journey towards digitisation.

The Ministry of Education with Telecommunication Regulatory Commission took steps to provide all schoolchildren, who are at home during the extended school holidays, with access to E-Thaksalawa free of charge through any telephone network. Education programmes on TV too can be accessed free.

He also said that with the C-19 pandemic resulting in the world moving at a faster pace towards digital solutions there is a looming shortage of Tabs and Laptop computers globally.

“In Sri Lanka too this is now evident and this is not because of the current import restrictions, but simply due to demand and supply situation.”