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Investment opportunities exist in the fisheries industry in Hambantota

Additional District Secretary Hambantota Suneth Lochana said that there is tremendous potential for the expansion of the fisheries industry in the Hambantota district. The potential lies in the existence of all types of fish resources available that are yet to be fully utilized. The potential for deep-sea fishing is high in the southern coastal belt and remains an untapped resource.

With the upgrading of the marine industry now being planned by the government the prime area for investments is the modernization of the fishing fleet.

The additional district secretary said that there are 21 perennial tanks throughout the Hambantota district. There are more than 460 seasonal tanks in the district. These water bodies are an important component. There are 16 lagoons along the coastal belt of the Hambantota district out of these 10 lagoons are only used for fishing while there are four salt production lagoons. He said that aquaculture development is considered a lucrative occupation as such it is being encouraged by the government and at present, the most important areas of development are inland fisheries and freshwater aquaculture and sea fishing.

Around 50 indigenous species have been identified for freshwater fisheries. Apart from these several exotic fisheries species were introduced to the local freshwater bodies. Those who engage in the freshwater fish industry say that the response for freshwater fish varieties has been positive. This is very good information for potential investors in freshwater fish farming.

He said further that Sri Lanka has 12 fisheries harbours operating at the moment. Some of them are fully-fledged ones while others need a facelift. Mutwal fisheries harbour, Panadura fisheries harbour, Beruwala fisheries harbour Hikkaduwa fisheries harbour, Mirissa fisheries harbour, Puranawella fisheries harbour, Kudawella fisheries harbour, Kirinda fisheries harbour, Tangalle fisheries harbour, Cod Bay fisheries harbour, Mutwal fisheries harbour, and Kalpituya fisheries harbour contribute greatly towards the fishing industry. All these fisheries harbours come under the purview of the Ceylon fisheries corporation. He said that anchorages have been set up in several places in the country due to heavy congestion in these harbours. These contribute greatly towards faster craft turn around to ensure a better quality of fish.