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Patented Cinnamon cigarettes introduced to the World

Over Rs. 400 mn invested with four more factories in the pipeline
Minister Weerawansa with the newest Ayurvedic smoking invention.
Minister Weerawansa with the newest Ayurvedic smoking invention.

Creating history in the world cigarette industry, Sri Lankan patented Cinnamon cigarettes under the brand name ‘Lion Heart’ were officially launched in Colombo yesterday.

Minister of Industries Wimal Weerawansa who egged on this project said that this product would revolutionize the global tobacco industry. “The product is made out of 100% Cinnamon extract and I don’t see any harmful substances unlike found in tobacco. This is the newest Ayurvedic smoking invention,” he said.

Sales for the legal global tobacco market (2019) were worth approximately US$818 billion. The largest global tobacco category remains combustible cigarettes. With over 5,200 billion cigarettes consumed annually, it is valued at US$ 705 billion.

The Minister also said that ‘Lion Heart’ cigarettes have already made exports to Australia and there is a growing demand for it and should be encouraged.

“We have been talking for many years especially about value-added exports – that must be promoted and encouraged and ‘Lion Heart’ is another product of this nature.

The inventor and Chairman Nature’s Group of Companies, Samantha Punchi Hewa said that he obtained a local patent for this product made out of 100% extracts from Cinnamon trees minus any chemicals and have already started distribution in selected districts. “We have three different flavors and price ranges starting half of the normal price of a cigarette.”

A diversified entrepreneur in Cinnamon and local product manufacturing he said they have started exports to Australia, and Europe and would up their exports to Asian countries as well. “We plan to have five factories and have already invested over Rs. 400 million for our factory in Elpitiya and would build four more factories generating over 100,000 direct and indirect employment.” We also plan to open two factories overseas by the end of next year.”

Chairman Export Development Board Suresh De Mel welcomed the export of this product and said that it has created a new product to their export basket.


Minister to get tough with NATA

Minister Wimal Weeerawansa lashed out at the National Authority on Tobacco and Alcohol (NATA) for discouraging the sale of Lion Heart Cigarettes in the local market.

“When someone makes a ‘gun’ or launches a ‘mini air place’ the inventor is arrested and there are so many similar instances where government bodies themselves discourage local inventors and this trend must be reversed.

NATA has now ‘put a tackle’ to Lion Heart cigarettes and I am going to fight against this ban and even take the issue to Parliament and come up with a new legislature to get the ‘clearance’ for this product.”

When both the Ayurveda Department and even the Export Development Board has endorsed this I sometimes feel that ‘global multinational competitors’ for this product’ are influencing the NATA to come up with ‘Leg Brakes’ of this nature.

Earlier NATA Chairman, Dr. Samadhi Rajapaksa, had written to the Ministry of Industry, and Department of Ayurveda requesting Lion Heart manufacturer to halt domestic promotion and sales as it is in violation of existing laws.