India assures of its support at UNHRC - Foreign Secretary | Daily News

India assures of its support at UNHRC - Foreign Secretary

Foreign Secretary Admiral Jayanath Colombage yesterday confirmed that India has assured Sri Lanka of its support to protect the country’s sovereignty during the UNHRC sessions.

“Being the superpower they are, Sri Lanka greatly appreciates their position,” he said speaking at the Third Digital Dialogue hosted by the Media Centre for National Development.

Speaking further, he said that when the UNHRC report on Sri Lanka was tabled,  21 countries spoke on Sri Lanka’s behalf. He added that many countries have rejected the resolution owing to the fact that issues deal with post-war, inter-political affairs that are outside the purview of the Council. Many countries agreed that the UNHRC has been politicised while certain Member States use the allegations as ammunition against individual countries.

He agreed that obscurity and misinformation has been a cause for unfounded prejudice in the past and that it can be ended with transparency and forthright discussion.

He appealed to Tamil journalists and intellectuals to come forward and assist the Government in its effort to carry the message to the masses.

He further confirmed that there will be no room for one- sided adjudications by foreign bodies in which judge, jury and executioner can be any one entity.

“Sri Lanka is committed to working in partnership with any entity as long as its sovereignty is honoured.”

He stressed that the good work begun by the previous Government under President Maithripala Sirisena in setting up the Independent Commissions for Reconciliation, Reparation and Integration is being empowered and continued under the present Government with the recommendations being adhered to.

The Media Centre for National Development held its Third Digital Dialogue. The timely topic of discussion was on Sri Lanka’s response to the Geneva - Human Rights and Geopolitical Coercion. Director General of Presidential Media Division Mohan Samaranayake and Foreign Secretary Admiral Jayanath Colombage held a candid digital dialogue encompassing a range of topics and particularly Sri Lanka’s response to the UNHRC resolution.