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Woman’s headless body carried from Hanwella

Police seek assistance to trace murder suspect:

The bus which was used to carry the headless body of a woman found in a suitcase left behind in Dam Street in Colombo on Monday (01), was taken into police custody, Police Media Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana said.

It was revealed that the body had been brought to Colombo from the Hanwella area by the suspect on a route 143 Hanwella-Colombo bus. He said statements were recorded from the driver and the conductor of the bus regarding the incident.

He said the remains have been moved to the Colombo Police Mortuary for the post-mortem examination on a court order. The post-mortem examination was to be conducted yesterday (2) following confirmation of the identity.

Releasing several video footage, Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana urged the public to assist in identifying the perpetrator and the victim.

“If you have any information about this perpetrator, contact the Dam Street OIC on mobile no 0718-591557.One can also contact the Colombo Emergency Centre on 0112433333. If you have information about this perpetrator or a missing woman, kindly provide such information to the above mentioned numbers,” DIG Ajith Rohana noted.