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‘SLPA will capture EPC at PC Elections’

Paramasivam Chandrakumar
Paramasivam Chandrakumar

The Sri Lanka People’s Alliance (SLPA) will win the Eastern Provincial Council (EPC) by the unanimous vote of the minority population, SLPA Batticaloa District Organiser Paramasivam Chandrakumar said the media on Sunday at his office.

“If the Eastern Provincial Council election is held, Chanakya, who has been declared the Chief Ministerial Candidate for the Eastern Province from the SLPA, will be the Chief Minister by the votes of the Muslim minority. The SLPA is ready to carry out the development that they could not make earlier then,” he said.

“During the COVID pandemic, Chanakya provided relief to the people, sports equipment to the youth, and bicycles to the students. Under the guidance of the SLPA, the Eastern Provincial Council will be taken over by the SLPA this time,” he said.

“We have sent two members of our party to Parliament and made them Ministers ,” he said.

“The ethnic problem and development of the Tamil people has not yet been resolved by the TNA, which believes that the recent protests from Pottuvil to Polikandy can solve many problems for Tamils. On the contrary, the Tamil people have not yet benefited, except that the minority Muslims have again benefited from the first Polikandi struggle. Chanakya, will be able to contest the provincial council elections this time and become the Chief Minister by the votes of the Muslim minority,” he said.

“The Government has worked tirelessly to give the Provincial Council all the powers of the 13th Amendment and to make the Provincial Council system better,” he said.

“The struggle from Pottuvil to Polikandy has created fear among the people of the Southern Sri Lanka that the TNA would split the country if powers were given to the Provincial Council,” he said.