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Demerit system to instill road discipline

The Police is to introduce a demerit points system to curtail road traffic accidents, Police Spokesperson DIG Ajith Rohana yesterday (19) announced.

Observing that road traffic accidents are increasing at a rapid rate, DIG Ajith Rohana said that Sri Lanka Police is to launch the demerit points system at the earliest possible date.

The DIG made these observations speaking to the media on road traffic accidents, violation of regulations pertaining to quarantine law and arrests made on possession of substances yesterday (19).

DIG Ajith Rohana observed, “According to our legislative system, we have the laws to introduce such a demerit points system. However, we need infrastructure to implement this demerit system successfully. We are developing the infrastructure facilities to introduce the demerit system as early as possible.” DIG Ajith Rohana pointed out that 15 deaths have been reported in road traffic incidents during the last 24 hours. The DIG also pointed out that during the same period of time, 40 persons have been injured in road accidents.

DIG Ajith Rohana observed, “Out of these deaths eight have been caused by road accidents that occurred yesterday. Seven more persons who have met with road accidents on previous days were hospitalized and were reported dead by yesterday. This is the highest number of deaths caused by road accidents reported during the recent days.”

DIG Ajith Rohana furthered, “It is important that everyone contributes to minimize road accidents. Approximately 40 persons have been injured due to road accidents during the same period of time. 120-125 road accidents were reported during the said time. Around 120 accidents happen daily in the country. These are accidents which are reported to the police, thus we assume that the actual number of accidents that happens in a day is way higher than the reported number. The reasons for road traffic accidents are speed driving, disobeying road rules and regulations, negligence and reckless driving. Therefore Sri Lanka police is planning to launch traffic special operations continuously while introducing a demerit points system.”