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Vaccinations cross 120,000 mark

No adverse reactions reported:
Govt to bring down Vaccines from China too:
Vaccine prevents serious illness, transmission:

Nearly 120,000 individuals, primarily health workers, have already been vaccinated with the AstraZeneca COVISHIELD vaccine against COVID-19 and no adverse reactions or side effects have been reported so far, State Minister of Primary Health Care, Epidemics and COVID-19 Disease Control Dr. Sudarshani Fernandopulle said yesterday.

The country began administering the vaccine on January 29, after receiving 500,000 doses as a donation from the Indian Government the previous day (Jan 28).

According to the statistics of the Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry, the vaccination of 118,767 persons had been completed by Tuesday evening (2). Statistics show that 5,286 persons have been vaccinated on January 29, 32,539 on Jan 30, 21,329 on Jan 31, 36,396 on Feb 1 and 23,217 on Feb 2.

The second dose of the vaccine is scheduled to be given within the next four weeks. A total of 250,000 people, mostly health frontline workers, members of the Security Forces and Police and the vulnerable aged, will get the vaccine on a priority basis as each person has to get two doses for the vaccine to become fully effective.

Meanwhile, Oxford University researchers found that the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine was 76% effective at preventing symptomatic infection for three months after a single dose, and in fact that the efficacy rate rose with a longer interval between the first and second doses.

Based on weekly swabs from volunteers in the U.K. study, it also found a 67% reduction in transmission after the first dose of the vaccine.

A separate announcement from AstraZeneca on Wednesday showed that the vaccine also prevented serious illness from Covid, with no severe cases and no hospitalizations more than 22 days after the first dose. The researchers also hope to report data regarding the new variants (UK, South Africa, Brazil) in the coming days and expect the findings to be broadly similar to those already reported by other vaccine developers: that the current vaccines do work against mutations of the virus.

The State Minister further said that with the approval of the National Medicines Regulatory Authority, the Government will bring around 300,000 doses of Chinese vaccines (Sinopharm) to Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka will also be negotiating with the Russian authorities to bring down Gamaleya Institute’s Sputnik V Vaccine, which has been proved to be over 90 percent effective in clinical trials. Sri Lanka has recorded more than 65,000 Coronavirus cases so far with 330 deaths.

As per the statistics of the Epidemiology Unit, the total number of Coronavirus recoveries reported in the country increased to 59,883 by yesterday. The total number of COVID positive cases detected from the country reached 65,698 and 5,485 of them are still under medical care.