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We must overcome challenges collectively - Chamal

It is with great pride that I extend my greetings for the National Commemoration on the completion of the 73rd Independence anniversary of Sri Lanka which depicts the great and honourable milestone of liberating our country from colonial oppression of the British crown, states Minister of Irrigation and Disaster Management Chamal Rajapaksa in his Independence Day message.

The message: “It must be noted that the most meaningful way of Sri Lankan people’s cultural lifestyle, which instigated with the arrival of Arahat Mahinda Thera, derives from our great irrigation civilization second to none in the world. Thus, the great kings of Abhaya and Parakum who constructed tanks such as Basawakkulama and Parakrama Samudra as well as the modem irrigation experts of the five great Mahaweli reservoirs claim the prosperous irrigation civilization of our Motherland.

“The present-day challenges of this noble Motherland, which exemplified the philosophies of sustainable development of the heroes who bestowed world heritages to this universe with a free-thinking mind free from the mentality of slavery, must be overcome by further sharpening the genetic traits of such ancestors.

“We are going through a challenging era that we as a nation must overcome collectively. My plea is that all of us Sri Lankans must work together to find solutions to the issues created by the global COVID-l9 epidemic, in order to make our efforts as a Government meaningful to prevent human lives as well as our economy from being paralyzed. It should be noted that the theme of this year’s Independence Day celebrations, “An Affluent Tomorrow - Prosperous Motherland” can be recreated through a thought revolution of thousands of Sri Lankan children.

“I hope that every barren land of the country will be harvested, every drop of water will be optimally utilized with much efforts for the agricultural revitalization, industries will be flourished using the most advanced technologies and an optimal people-friendly service economy will be resulted towards more meaningful freedom won by our Motherland.