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Work for a united, prosperous tomorrow - Speaker

Despite the ongoing global COVID-19 crisis, we, as a Sri Lankan nation are once again lined up to proudly celebrate the 73rd Independence Day of Sri Lanka with the determination to move forward towards a thriving, united and a prosperous tomorrow, states Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardena in an Independence Day message.

The message: “The unity and solidarity of all nationalities in this country was our undefeatable strength in winning Independence from the colonial rulers on February 4, 1948. The explication of freedom in the hearts and minds of the people of Sri Lanka at that time was so strong that it could not be shattered by factors such as race, religion, colour, caste, tribe or party.

It has not been an easy journey for the then liberated Mother Sri Lanka and her children since then.

Throughout this journey, her beloved children never hesitated to protect her from hostile threats, or the fears of sickness and diseases or whatever the challenges faced even at the cost of their own lives. Therefore, we celebrate this year’s Independence Day with great pride and respect.

“In a time as such, all members of the Health Care Services, Armed Forces, the President, the Prime Minister, all responsible authorities as well as all the people of our nation in particular who are engaged in protecting out Mother land from this COVID challenge faced by all the countries across the globe, regardless of their personal freedom and lives must be bestowed with great respect and held in the highest regard. We also wish for the speedy recovery of all those who have been affected by this virus.

“I would also like to emphasize that at this juncture, where we have ended the animosity of terrorism, we must all unite as one nation to dispel the current international allegations of human rights abuses imposed against a free Sri Lanka currently in the path of stepping towards development under the wings of peace.

“Elections symbolize Sri Lanka’s long-standing democracy in Asia through pre-independence elections, the Sri Lankan Parliament symbolizes Sri Lanka’s democracy, freedom and the aspirations of the people. The future direction of any country is determined by such democratic institutional structures.

“We are of the view that in order to truly and meaningfully celebrate the theme of this year’s National Independence Day, “An Affluent Tomorrow - A Prosperous Motherland”, all Sri Lankans must embark on a sustainable journey together, regardless of attenuated differences. Therefore, I invite you all at this proud moment and to join hands towards successfully facing this great challenge of building a booming and prosperous country”.