The Void

I still burn like hell
On the embers of memory
The invisible wound
Inflicted so long ago
Feels so recent and raw as a moment ago
‘Love is so short but forgetting so long…’
The eternal wisdom of Neruda’s lines
Ring painfully true
In my mind’s eye.
Along the greyish corridor
By our classroom, 12 M
You still stroll by
Wearing the smile
I still believe, is the loveliest
Of the whole universe.
You, my love, still take up
So much space in my heart’s abode
There’s hardly any room
Left for another.
Anything but blank.
But, then, my heart isn’t
My life.
By the measuring rod
Of convention.

Jayashantha Jayawardhana



Independence’, self governance
“Sovereign nation”
No dependance
Under “United Nations”
Nations are interdependent
Freedom is priceless
“Peace makers are blessed”
Peace makers never tasted defeat
“Peace’ worth buying for price”
Aggression and intimidation – in to
A Sovereign nation is barbaric and in human
Civilised today are nations
Freedom fighters’ deftness, perseverance
And Sacrifices
Ended victorious
Independence or freedom is
License to practice
Anything and everything law allows
Living method be
Living and affording others, life.
Nothing like homeland for living
Unity is strength and mighty – for
Beloved motherland Sri Lanka
May peace and serenity
Be ever lasting

Fahim Latiff



She shone our world as the moon
As the sun always with her
Darkness never came to our world
As the moon always with the sun
The father and mother were always with us
As the sun and the moon
No tears wet our eyes
As they look after us as their eyes
No any sorrow hurt our heart
As they swept the sorrowful things
We were not stubborn in any moment
As their love , kindness and affection
We are not rude for anyone
As they taught us to love and serve the society
No words to praise our parents
As they are the best parents of the world



The unseen enemy

Never before in the annals in the world over
Had there been a fright felt so stronger
A ruthless enemy emerged Wuhan China corner
Whence it started spreading every nook and corner
No one thus far has it seen
Visible but in micro screen
Ruthless dragon named the keen
Although blossomed not being seen
Sneezing head-ache running nose with fever
Symptoms obvious when it catches a weaker
If not demolish at proper the quarter
Rhythmic breathing seems almost over
Being a parasite crosses the border
Clinging on to tourists’ finger
Closing the border an option wiser
That does cause the spreading weaker
Europe and U.S got severe blaming
The enemy found there plain sailing
Many a country hit the ceiling
Little done for its ruthless slaying
Being closer invites spreading rapid
Being distant could help avoid
this ruthless enemy 19 Covid
Wish the world would soon be devoid
Enemy in Sri Laka
Moving across on bord a plane
Landed mute on Sri Lankan plain
It was behind the few but slain
Little could do it in English plain
President Gotahabay formed a force task
No stone unturned to halt its long last last
Then made compulsory wearing a mask
All the people followed suit fast
We must obey the rules thus
Fight to the end this enemy lust
All must unite without fuss
The fact remains that this is a must
Commander Shavendra spear headed the case
Director Jasingha health properly guided his phase
This one couldn’t last long its race
Both Commander and the Director handled it safe
Doctors nurses and inspectors of health
In the given situation they did the best
C.O. D.O G.S were at the test
The Triffle forces did the rest
All masses adhere to the prescribed law
That did make the death rate law.
It is a matter praise worthy for
Else the deaths would have been more
World leaders did commend the act
Why not surely the able tact
Three hearty cheers for his actions apt
President Gota is brave in fact
Saving the masses from this terrible fate
One might tend to offer him an intimate Date
Age is the barrier mind you mate
A bouquet of lotus buds for President the great

SSJ Fernando


Unrequited miracle

A lonely girl,
Waiting too long.
To find that long lasting lover,
Wonder whether to leave
hope or not.
Surpassing her late twenties,
Bachelorette parties and weddings all over.
Everyone congratulated her friends,
Except for this lonely girl.
She missed opportunities,
When opportunities never met hers.
All she did was wait,
Waiting for that unrequited miracle...

MM Thilakarathne



As the sweet moon on the horizon’s verge
She was on the eve of womanhood.
Packing all her belongings
Opened the door.
Stepped out for a glimpse of her Beloved’s face
Pacing to and fro-
Waiting impatiently.
Hurriedly he took her hand in a moment
She was his life he knew
With a cold and spittle grasp
He dropped the hand he held her
With a sigh and a few slow steps
But not bidding her Adieu.
Did part with metals smiles
Did not venture to look back.
Out of the gates he fled
From the massive building on his horse
Determined not to repass
The threshold again.

Indra Goonawardane