CPC seeks more jet fuel imports with airport reopening | Daily News

CPC seeks more jet fuel imports with airport reopening

Ceypetco is seeking jet fuel imports following the country’s decision to resume international commercial flights and ahead of refinery maintenance in the country. Ceypetco sought through a spot tender one 264,000 barrel cargo

of jet fuel for single berth discharge at the Dolphin tanker berth at Colombo during February 28 and March 1. The pricing basis will be on the average of Singapore spot assessments of jet fuel on a dap Colombo basis.

The Colombo Bandaranaike and Mattala Rajapaksa international airport on January 21 announced the restart of commercial international flights after a nearly ten month pause since March 2020 because of the pandemic.

Sri Lanka could also be seeking jet fuel imports to fill a demand gap resulting from a planned mid-February shutdown of the country’s 50,000 b/d Kelaniya refinery, said market participants. The shutdown is expected to last for 45 days. Refinery operator Ceypetco also has plans to step up its imports of 180cst fuel oil in the first quarter to meet power generation demand with the planned turnaround. (Argus)