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Joint venture with Lodule Co. Ltd Korea with investment of Rs. 900 mn

Made in Lanka smartphone by Christmas

Chairman, Micro Electric Dhammika Samarawickrama with a Dummy of the HyPro phone
Chairman, Micro Electric Dhammika Samarawickrama with a Dummy of the HyPro phone

Creating a historic landmark in the Sri Lankan mobile sector, Micro Electric International Pvt. Ltd Colombo existing for over 25 years will start the manufacture of Sri Lanka’s first smart mobile phone.

Chairman, Micro Electric International Pvt. Ltd Dhammika Samarawickrama said that they have already signed a JV with Lodule Co. Ltd Korea which is a leading supplier of mobile and TV component manufacturing company in Korea. Since 2015 Lodule Korea has been supplying electrical components, LCD screens, mobile accessories to all major TV and Smartphone brands in the world they also opened their Chinese factory in in 2016.

“Lodule Korea now wants to manufacture their own mobile phone and has decided to start this process from Sri Lanka as a joint venture operation. The total joint investment would be around Rs. 900 million and initially the local value addition would be around 10% which is expected to increase.

“We will start installing machinery for the factory in Colombo 11 from May 2021 and then the first ‘Made in Sri Lanka smart mobile phone’ will be available in the market from 2021 Christmas. The product would be branded as HyPro and would be sold for under Rs. 10,000 making it affordable for the masses. He said that over 10 Korean Lodule Company Mobile engineers will be stationed in Sri Lanka from next May after completing their 10 day quarantine process locally. “Lodule will also look at exports from January 2022.”

Samarawickrama said that with the pandemic there was a great focus for online education, work from home concept and also there was a surge of online deliveries. “The government too is also clean to move towards a cashless society and the key for all these is an affordable smartphone.”

“We then started looking for manufacturers, Chief incumbent of Sri Lankaramaya in Korea, Ven Katuwana Vijithawansa Thera introduced us to senior management of Lodule Co. Ltd Korea and most of the negotiations were done on Zoom.”

Micro Electric International is a family-owned electrical products and accessories company, founded by Dhammika Samarawickrama. “Accommodating over 350 well-trained employees, we supply our products globally and domestically, successfully completing 25 years and are proud to highlight that we are a company that is built on firm grounds with financial stability and a broader knowledge at an international level.”

The HyPro mobile will have English, Sinhala and Tamil languages selection option while the user will also have the option of selecting Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, and Muslim religious sermons. “We will also obtain a patent for this.”

Lodule Co. Ltd factory in Korea