New three-member High Court mooted | Daily News
Public Security, Justice Ministers to discuss proposal

New three-member High Court mooted

Cases to be heard daily
Aimed at clearing backlog of criminal cases

Public Security Minister Rear Admiral Dr. Sarath Weerasekera is scheduled to meet Justice Minister Ali Sabry, PC today (18) to discuss the setting up of a three member High Court in order to hear cases on a daily basis and clear the backlog of criminal cases.

He said this yesterday during a meeting with a group of senior Police officers of the Wayamba (North Western) Province. “Due to the delay in the legal process of criminal cases, the victims are further aggrieved and the perpetrators are given a chance to escape justice and continue with their criminal activities.”

He said this has resulted in the increase of criminal activities in society. Therefore, Minister Weerasekera said that he would discuss this issue with the Justice Minister and implement a mechanism to conclude these cases fast by hearing them on a daily basis.

Citing an example of the injustice meted out to the victims, the Minister said, “When an 11-year-old child is molested, it takes a long time for the case to be heard and a verdict to be given. Over such long periods of time, evidence is lost and sometimes incriminating evidence may be forgotten. Due to these long delays the victims have to face numerous social implications.

Although our clever police officers conduct investigations and apprehend the suspects, due to these delays in the legal system these criminals manage to creep through legal loopholes and end up back in society and engage in criminal activities again.”

Therefore, the Public Security Minister noted that if a mechanism could be introduced to conclude these serious criminal cases such as robberies, extortion, rape and other sexual crimes within a few months, these perpetrators could be punished and such serious criminal activities could be reduced.