Teacher who allegedly assaulted mother-in-law released on bail | Daily News

Teacher who allegedly assaulted mother-in-law released on bail

Based on an online video showing a graduate teacher severely assaulting her mother-in-law with a knife in hand, Gampola police had commenced investigations and arrested the teacher and produced her in court.

Gampola District Court Acting Magistrate Lalith Weerasinghe had later released the suspect teacher on Rs. 50,000 personal bail after severely reprimanding her.

The Gampola Police had commenced investigations after the video had gone viral over social media and had arrested the suspect on January 10.

The victim had disclosed in her statement to the police that the daughter-in-law had brutally assaulted her in a rage for her having taken some curry to eat stringhoppers.

It has been revealed that the graduate teacher had nursed a grudge against her mother-in-law over a long period. She has two children, 10 and 9 years of age, and her husband is a government servant.

Having come to know that his wife constantly attacks his mother, the teacher’s husband had told the children to record their mother attacking the grandmother if and when she did so. Accordingly, the children had recorded the incident where their mother was attacking their grandmother. The video had thereafter been released on social media by their aunt.

The video had gone viral which prompted the Gampola Police to commence investigations on the directives of the OIC Chief Inspector Sampath Wickramaratne.