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Power of humanity!

Whirlwind, is an iconic metal act in the Sri Lankan heavy metal scene which formed its first multilingual metal project, which created their own unique identity, ‘Sri Metal’. They were the first band to achieve this feat in Sri Lanka.

Whirlwind was one of the pioneer bands to be established in the country at a time when Rock & Roll were still at its primary stage, and did not have that much of an audience as of now.

Up to now, they have managed to claim their position as the fore fathers of ‘’heavy metal ‘’, in Sri Lanka, and according to Misha Wickramanayake , the charismatic front man of ‘’Whirlwind ‘’, the metal music scene in Sri Lanka is still a ‘movement’, than an ‘industry’.

The Rock and Metal music scene had always created a movement, being a voice for those who wanted a change in society, to stand against social discrimination, injustice and Inhumanity. Whirlwind has been always known for its poetic content, which gives food for thought, and the band has again shown their uniqueness by releasing their latest song, ‘’Manusatha’’, which speaks about the insanity, the drastic changes which have been taking place in human nature along with the so called ‘’Civilization ‘’. At the same time, it had corrupted the minds of the people, human values, love, and harmony making the mankind almost go back to the stone ages with their behavior and attitudes towards the society. In today’s context, it’s a matter of survival, and people would do anything to exist and establish themselves in society even through Injustice, corruption and pollution. Thus, as many philosophers, educationists and intellectuals had said, the human nature is difficult to understand, since it changes from one instance to the other. ‘’Manusatha’’ is a perfect description of human nature, and the song says it all. Plus, the, distortion, and the energetic vibes of heavy metal gives you the chills and gives you goosebumps, reviving up those energetic vibes, enabling you to do that crazy head bang! The song is not only a collection of lyrics, it is an excellent work of art, bringing out a poetic masterpiece and being a voice for the common people. The song also has its own English version, titled ‘’The man the animal ‘’ and also can be found on ‘’ Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites.

The track is also available on Spirited, a musical project which was installed by Misha with several other artistes in 2012, forming a multi-cultural artistic synthesis, an extra ordinary live act, collaborating with international artists, specialized in creating consciousness –expanding organic music that triggers an orchestra of emotions while taking your mind on a psychedelic journey. The music is entirely self-created and cannot be verified by any genre of electronic music. Misha is the producer & Concept designer of Spirited, and all tracks are composed, recorded, mixed and mastered live, taking you almost to a parallel universe, with multi layered melodies of great depth and uplifting waves of energy and even spiritual healing.

Speaking about the song, Misha commented, “Manusatha / The man the animal is a sonic commentary on the devastation we bring upon the earth and ourselves as we flounder the gifts given to us by our higher consciousness. We are still animals, and will not survive without living harmoniously with the natural world. This song is our rallying cry as vibrational hitch- hikers in hopes of contributing to the global mass awakening as people realize the importance of new ways of living. This track was conceptualized as a bilingual audio –visual experience on 432hz for your minds gratification, and Spirited is:

Misha Whirlwind –(Guitars /Vocals /Synth Module) , Chaminda ‘’Chamba’’ Navarathne , (keys /synth /vocals) , Jayamal (JJ) Fernando , (Bass/vocals) , Chaturanga ‘’Piti –G’’ Pitigala (percussion) ,Cleo Ruveen (Live visual artist ) .

We’ve got a few more tracks ready to be released along with other music video which is working progress. Normally we ‘’d be on tour by now but due to the pandemic situation, looks like we might have to sit this year out as well, so we thought of putting more time into creating new content ‘’.

Spirted also includes several official record labels, such as New Earth music (worldwide), Ananda Tribe records (Germany) and Spirited records (worldwide). This is also used as a platform to collaborate with international artistes, musicians and entertainers to showcase their talent. Whirlwind has released several songs on this project, and albums such as ‘’Counterpoint ‘’, ‘’Buwa ‘’ , ‘’Recycle ‘’ and ‘’Cosmic Ancestors ‘’ provides house and electro music as well as some psychedelic vibes, energy vibrations which awakens your senses with some healing powers , connected with nature.

The creative visuals shown in the ‘’Manusatha / The man the animal ‘’ video also perfectly match the theme of the song, thus giving it more weight and value. So make sure to check out this amazing track and experience the energetic vibes which it gives you to awaken the power in your soul!

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‘’The Man The Animal’’


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