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Colombo’s locked down families to get further relief

Rs. 2,476 mn allocated to provide essential services:

Colombo District Secretary Pradeep Yasaratne said the government had already provided Rs. 2,476 million to provide essential services to families affected by COVID-19 in the Colombo District.

He was participating at the special media briefing of the government held online at the Government Information Department.

“It is our responsibility to take care of 2.4 million people in the Colombo District. As the health authorities work to control the COVID-19 epidemic, our biggest challenge is to take care of 600,000 people in the Colombo Divisional Secretariat. Today the epidemic is spreading rapidly within the Municipal Council area,” he said.

He said that the health authorities currently take various measures to control the situation and we have to take all necessary measures to provide the necessary facilities to the people in the worst affected areas. Around 12,248 families in the Colombo Divisional Secretariat Division are under quarantine in this second wave of the COVID-19.

“They have been provided with a relief pack worth Rs 10,000. Grama Seva Niladharis will provide the packs as soon as possible. Rs 110 million has been allocated for this purpose,” he added.

The District secretary further said that at present 13 police divisions in the city of Colombo have been isolated. Eight apartments have also been isolated. We were instructed to provide the people with essential food items during the lockdown of these flats. We will then provide essential food packs to 8,486 families through Sathosa for 14 days. It will cost us Rs.86 million to provide rations for 14 days.The health authorities decided to lock down these flats for another 14 days. Accordingly, the distribution of food rations to them resumed from yesterday.

“There were protests in some places among other people in isolated areas. The government has paid attention to this and taken necessary action.

We also had a problem as to whether those protests had any basis. 95 percent of the payments made to those who lost their livelihood have been paid this time. Last time 455,671 in the Colombo district received 5,000 qualifications. This time we have paid 434,654 by yesterday. 31,720 appeals have been filed. We also pay them an allowance of Rs. 5,000,” he said.