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Budget 2021 unrealistic - SJB MP

Former State Finance Minister, Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP Dr. Harsha De Silva expressing views on Budget 2021, said the government’s Budget proposals are unrealistic.

Dr. Silva said: “The numbers-gimmick they have played in the Budget is very misleading.

This proposal does not increase the credibility of the country’s economic plan, it actually diminishes it. The government presented a weak and uninspiring budget with totally unrealistic revenue figures. A shift towards protectionist and failed ‘Import Substitution Industrialisation’ model of Sri Lankan development to create a self-sufficient economy by handing out all kinds of benefits to the cronies and seeking to clean black money into white, is this the plan of this government?”

Speaking further, Dr. Harsha De Silva stated, “Also it seems as if the Budget was prepared from a parallel universe as there is absolutely no plan to overcome the biggest challenge facing the nation right now; the Coronavirus pandemic.”