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Laptop project in honour of former Thomian teachers

A novel project that will provide students with laptop computers in this time of virtual learning via zoom etc has been launched with the approval of the Warden S.Thomas’ College, for students of STC Mt. Lavinia.

In addition, the project will help students learn about the teachers who in a different era inculcated great values that led many Thomians to future success. The project will have the Thomian Sinhala, English and Tamil literary societies.

conduct an essay competition and select the best seven essays each, for the three languages, for which laptop computers will be given as the prizes. Students will have to write an essay on any one of the named past teachers of their choice, who have served the literary societies as master in-charge or as debating or oratorical contest judges.

Sinhala Medium prizes will be awarded in honour of past teachers such as C. S. Weerasinghe, D. S. Jayasekera and Arisen Ahubudu.

English Medium prizes will be awarded in honour R. F. A Mendis, D.N. Pereira, Mrs.Gwen Dias Abeysinghe and others.

For each language, seven winners will be chosen and awarded laptop computers as prizes in honour of the above mentioned teachers who have served the school well, as a mark of gratitude and respect towards them.

The organizers need the assistance of old Thomians and other well wishers to purchase the twenty one laptop computers to be given as prizes to the winners. Those who are keen in getting involved in the venture by donating laptops or in any other way are kindly requested to contact Sriyan Jayasekera, the coordinator of the project at [email protected] or 0728085420.