Henry Ward Beecher says “Every Artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures.”

Yes, a talent is a God gifted unseen treasure to the man, somewhat higher than professional qualifications which are pasted onto the membrane from books and laboratories. Talent varies to music, poetry, write-ups, dance and art. Except for art and sculpture, others could be engrossed by practices and copyrights, but ART by an Artist, or sculpture or Assemble Art are very rare talents which smile with the nation, veiled, as they are much valuable than golden ventures only glitter, if and when on the prerequisite. We normally find persons who are veterans in one or two talents, but,

Lalith Kalubowila who hails from Moratuwa is such a personality. He is a veteran musician, singer, lyric writer and apart, highly reckoned artist, Sculptor and a designer in Assemble Art. He has experience as a Lay out Artist in many paper publications had assisted Late Dr D B Nihalsinghe in production and photography, propaganda layout, and in his young days had been engaged with SLBC with dubbing and announcing.

As he was not interested in eight hour service to Government or private institutions, he started his own academy – APT ART Academy to enhance and disseminate his talents to the future generations of our dear Motherland, without burying these numinous talents of his with his death.

He held his 10th exhibition of presentations done by his students at the Sri Lanka Cultural Centre, Colombo 7, and the students were awarded with a Diploma in Visual Arts at the Mahaweli Centre, Colombo recently. This is recognized and registered under (Ref.PO1/0455) by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission popularly known as TVEC.

The Chief Guest was Dr.Rohana Weerasinghe and the Guest of Honour was Dr.Jayantha Amarathunga.

When I asked him why he does not give publicity to these beautiful masterpieces, this quiet personality said “I charge a very nominal rate and I try to cater talented have nots with accurate handling of the brush.”

Further he said: “I teach only the adults, children who have not got through their Ordinary Level Examinations and has the potentiality of art in their nerves, very poor children who are good at art, I grant them financial discounted rates, children who have not taken the required passes in the Advanced Level to enter the university.

Also, I have taken into consideration of students who have born talents from generations, whom I consider as golden fingers of the nation towards art.

I conduct a one year course which include oil painting, sculpture and assemble art. Assemble Art is a very rare talent, which I make students collect whatever they see on the roads, fibre, rubber moulds and iron pieces in garages. With no motive they collect, later when the third section commences on Assemble art, with natural instinct they make some creativity which ends up with a meaningful outcome.”

A smiling Lalith, ended up his clarifications by saying that he is a good oriental dancer too as his wife is the famous Choreographer Janadhari Salgado.

As the present new Government has a flavour towards Art, in my point of view I would earnestly request to provide financial aids to personalities like Lalith Kalubowila, not only his talents and skills but his health too.

These classes are held on Sundays at the Sudharshi Hall from 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. The registration office telephone Number is 0777 485137 – 47/4, 2nd Lane Galle Road, Moratuwella, Moratuwa.