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President has set clear target to complete road projects - Lanza

The President has set a clear target to complete the project for the construction of 100,000 km of rural roads and connect them with the main road network by 2024.

State Minister Nimal Lanza expressed these views at a awareness programme on development of Gamapha District held on 16th September at the Mahara Sumithra Festival Hall.

Speaking further he said, establishment of an efficient and advanced road system was promised in the national policy framework "Vistas of Splendour".

"Our aim is to successfully carry out these activities and to provide the necessary facilities to uplift the economy of the people, to promote the tourism industry and to sucess the daily activities of the people. 5,000 km of A and B roads belonging to the Road Development Authority have to be constructed. 8,000 km of CD roads belonging to provincial road development have to be constructed. According to statistics, there are about 120,000 kilometers of rural roads have to be constructed.

About 25,000 km have been built from it. Accordingly, another 95,000 km has to be built. The government aims to complete all these activities by 2024.

About 90% of the road network in the Gampaha District has been completed. All remaining roads are expected to be completed by the end of next year.

The President has instructed to implement a roadside planting programme to address global warming and to protect the ecological balance. Accordingly, it is intended to plant 2 million trees along the main roads to shelter the pedestrians. Details have been called for those hanging, wooden plank and small bridges all over Sri Lanka. In future all those will be replaced with new bridges. He said arrangements have been made to make the necessary allocations for this purpose in the coming year.