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Not a drop of oil has leaked from ship – Indian Coast Guard

The Indian Coast guard (ICG) has allayed fears of a possible oil leak at the site of the MT New Diamond, 40 miles off the Sri Lankan Coast adding that the minor oil sheen sighted near aft (rear) of the ship was part of the unburnt oil/oil mixed with water from the ship’s engine room.

The latest statement from the ICG reported in the Indian press stated that a team of naval architects that boarded the oil tanker found the vessel to be stable and that there were no breaches of its tanks, hotspots, flames/smokes on-board.

However, the rear portion of the vessel (aft) has sunken into the water by 1 metre, a slight increase from its earlier position of 3 feet. Efforts are underway to get the ship on even keel with the assistance of the salvors.

The Indian press quoted Krishnaswamy Natarajan, Director General, Indian Coast Guard saying that “The three lakh metric tonnes cargo of Kuwait crude being carried by the vessel is intact, not a drop of it has leaked. Our ships are equipped and prepared to even contain and perform recovery operations even in the event of an unfortunate spill.”

Speaking of the challenges involved in the operation, he said that the ships and tugs are required to maintain a 10-15 metre distance from the vessel to remain safe, adding that the vessels had to simultaneously douse the fire and cool different parts of the ship.

“There is a breach on the port side of the superstructure and the hull and the crack on the deck above the waterline. However, these breaches are not causing any entry of seawater” DG, Coast Guard added.