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Shivajilingam arrested again

Police arrest Shivajilingam at the event.
Police arrest Shivajilingam at the event.

UPDATE: The Secretary-General of the Tamil National Party M.K. Shivajilingam was arrested by the Kopay police yesterday (15) for commemorating the 33rd Remembrance Day of LTTE member Tiyagi Dileep.

He was arrested yesterday morning when the commemoration was observed for the late member, when the police had obtained a restraining order to prevent the commemoration.

However, the former MP had attended the event at his own will.

He was arrested and taken to Kopay police station.In 1987, former LTTE member died during a hunger strike.


MK Shivajilingam arrested -Time: 11:34

Former member of Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization M K Sivajilingam was arrested by police in Kopay.

He was arrested when he was commemorating Former LTTE member Thileepan who died while on hunger strike.