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NCPA arrest suspect for impregnating 15-year-old

The National Child Protection Authority arrested an individual, who impregnated a 15-years-old girl.

The Chairman of the National Child Protection Authority Professor Muditha Vithanapathirana stated through a media release that the victim girl had left her house in June 2019 due to a dispute with her parents.

Prof. Muditha Vithanapathirana also stated that the victim had met this suspect on her way to a relative’s house in Kandy.

Investigations have revealed that they had started a relationship. Following one month of their affair, the suspect allegedly brought the victim girl to Delgoda.

Later, they had lived together as a married couple for a few days, before the suspect had dropped the victim off at the Pettah bus stand. The victim girl then discovered that she was pregnant, and after being hospitalized and delivering the child, her doctor lodged a complaint to the NCPA, Prof. Muditha Vithanapathirana further stated.

Meanwhile, the victim girl had no information about the suspect.

The suspect had been traced via his mobile number and was identified as a 22-year-old employee of a fruit shop at the Munneswaram Kovil. The suspect is said to have fled the area when authorities had arrived to arrest him but was later arrested and produced before the Court. The suspect was remanded over this matter.