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Akuressa PS driver’s worthy deed

A driver of the Akuressa Pradeshiya Sabha (PS) has picked up a wallet with Rs. 14,000 in it near the PS Office and handed it over to Akuressa Chief Postmaster P.M. Gunasekera.

L.K. Babyhamy, a pensioner, who had arrived at the Akuressa Post Office along with her daughter-in-law on the day had received her pension and boarded a three-wheeler near the PS office and had gone to a grocery store in Akuressa to pick up goods. When she searched for her wallet, it had gone missing. She returned to the post office to check if the wallet was at the post office.

After verifying her identity, the Chief Post Master handed over her the wallet with Rs.14,000.

The Post Master told that she thanked driver Chaminda and him profusely.

The Post Master has also sent a letter to Akuressa PS Chairman highly appreciating Chaminda’s good deed.