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‘Unbreakable’ spirit

The crowned title holder of Mrs World 2020, Caroline Jurie, speaks about the ‘Unbreakable’ Fashion Collection that she will model at the Colombo Fashion Week on August 15 at the Marquee, Hilton Colombo.

“Sri Lanka is efficiently controlling the CoviD-19 Pandemic, and the country is now working towards reviving the economy.

At this juncture, the attempt to empower the Sri Lankan Fashion industry through Colombo Fashion Week raises hopes in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people who are employed in the fashion industry.

This piece expresses my sincere opinion about this grand event,” she said. Colombo Fashion Week will showcase the progressive changes in all sectors of the fashion industry in Sri Lanka. Caroline says that she is keen to participate in the 17th Annual of Colombo Fashion Week as Mrs. World 2020, taking the ramp to showcase the ‘Unbreakable’ Collection presented by the Ready-to-Wear Brand - Amilani Perera. “The Social Equity depicted by this marvelous collection profoundly inspires me.

As a woman who paddled through rough waters to achieve the crown I wear now, I am conscious about the issues faced by women in modern society. Violence against women is a widespread Human Rights violation in our community.

Although most of what happens tends to be ignored.

I highly value this opportunity which gives me a chance to raise my voice symbolically, and create more awareness about the issue.

Colombo Fashion Week is the ideal stage to do so. I am proud to partner the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) and Sri Lankan Fashion Brand Label Amilani Perera, to initiate a dialogue in the Fashion and Garment industry about this critical issue. I believe it is our inalienable duty to speak about the violence faced by women. After all, women are the backbone of the fashion industry in terms of numbers, skill and employment.”

Amilani Perera’s ‘Unbreakable’ Fashion Collection is associated with the creative and skill contribution of women and girls who have experienced physical and mental abuse.

“These designs will carry their silent voices, as I take the ramp to raise a voice at the Colombo Fashion Week.

I believe it is more than just a walk on the ramp. It is an artistic expression of stories of survivors, of gender-based violence in Sri Lanka,” she concluded.

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