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St. Joseph’s College, Colombo 10

Excelling far beyond expectations

“Fruits of Virtue and of Knowledge,
Here we gather, Peace and Power…”

An inexplicable joy fills my heart in penning down my thoughts on the “Hall of Fame”, Educational Institute in our Motherland. St. Joseph’s College, Colombo 10, the Hallowed Educational Institution in Sri Lanka, has excelled far beyond expectations in producing multi-talented Josephians who are proficient in education, sports, spiritual life, community service besides serving the motherland and universe at large since its inception.

Having proven itself throughout the years, the college stands tall as one of the leading educational institutions in Sri Lanka. The college, from very inception, has produced exemplary leaders to society. The atmosphere in the institution inspires and encourages students to equip themselves to confront great challenges which help them to stand out from others.

The motto of the school has always been to uphold excellence in body, mind and spirit, giving priority to value-based education, thus fostering spiritual and human values.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.

St. Joseph’s College, Colombo 10 was founded in 1896, on March 2, 1896. The architect of this sacred institution was the Most Reverend Dr. Christophe- Etienne Bonjean, the first Archbishop of Colombo. The first Rector was Very Rev.Fr. Charles Collins. With his devoted and dedicated staff, within two years of their sacrificing labour of love had made St. Joseph’s College, a “Glorious Educational Institution”.

The purpose for which St.Joseph’s was founded was to give Catholic students the best and the highest possible education as per the Motto, “In Scientia et Virtute”.( In Knowledge and Virtue). The aims of the founder were not only to impart knowledge but also to help the young Josephians to grow in virtue and to bring out and develop their God – Given talents.

The College also encourages multi-cultural, multi-religious, multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic environment which is the need of the hour to our country at large. It is heartening to note that the government has followed this example and is endeavouring to set up schools in this model.

Glorious existence

“Innovation, Leadership, Quality, Standards, Creativity and Discipline” are words which are synonymously associated with the school. Josephians have created ideas that changed the way people live, learn, work, pray and play.

With justifiable pride it is recorded that during its glorious existence of 124 years, the College has imparted education in its broad sense thus producing a galaxy of Josephians who are a pride to our beloved Sri Lanka.

Quasquicentennial Celebrations

At the beginning of 2021, the school will be having its “Quasquicentennial Celebrations” (125th Anniversary). We are at a pivotal point in the Josephians rich history. We are greatly indebted to our past 13 Eminent Reverend Father Rectors, the Eminent Present Rector and the President of the Old Boys’ Union, Reverend Father Ranjith Andradi, Vice Rector,Reverend Father Ruwan Deshapriya and all our distinguished, and respected Reverend Fathers, Reverend Sisters, Administrators and teachers who have dedicated their lives in moulding us as good citizens, by inspiring and guiding us for what we are today, besides Formation of Character. Their laborious work has ensured in delivering Quality and Precision.

I am in particular wish to express my gratitude to the great personality and my respected grade 2 class ( in 1977) teacher, Rohini Gnanasekeran and other great Personalities in the caliber of Late Reverend Father Quintus Fernando,(Former Rector), Late Reverend Father Neville Emmanuel, (Former Rector), Late. Reverend Dr. B. Stanley Abeysekera (Former Rector), Reverend Father Joseph Benedict Fernando (Former Vice- Rector and the Director of Studies), Reverend Father W.D.G.Chrispin Leo (Former Vice Rector), Reverend Father Felician. R. Perera, Late Reverend Father Bonnie Fernandopulle, Late T Murugesu, Late Therese Somanader, Reverend Sister Maria Goretti, Victoria Sathianathan, Late. C. Karalasingham, Late. M. Joe. B. Perera( former Principal- Middle School), A.Thomas, Siva Lokanathan, L.Bastianpillai, Reverend Sister M. Agnicia, Eladius Fernando, J.Rodrigo, G.G.M. Shanmugam, N.J.R. Jayanathan (Former Sectional Head), N.Lucas = Ratchel Douglas, A.C.Saverimuttu, S.A Kandiah, Francis D’ Almeida Late Shirley Abeysena and Late Ranjit Amarasinghe( Former Sectional Head, Grade 9), D.C.Jayasinghe- (Former deputy Principal, Upper School (Senior)) and Nimala Perera- Presently the Deputy Principal , Upper School, W.D.J. Ratnasekera (Former Principal, Primary School), M.S.Thabrew ( Former Sectional Head), Christie Perera ( Former Sectional Head), M.G.I.Ferdinandesz ( Former Deputy Principal, Upper School), Roger Fernando( Former Sectional Head), Boniface Perera, Late Regis Solangaarachchi, S.Srikanth, Shirley Perera and A.Florence who were instrumental in transforming my life for what I am today and making me to always strive to reach the highest echelons in life in order to serve our Society. I am indeed grateful to all my Reverend Father Rectors and teachers who taught me at our College.

New generations

We can best pay our own debt to our Alma Mater by building a better future for the new generations, on the framework our forebears established.

Let us get together and strive to build a better nation with “Vision and Action”.

In summary, we have learnt to remember better, Learn faster and excel at the examinations in school and meet the challenges in life successfully. Most importantly, we have gathered “ Education for Life”. Our great teachers, at all times, made sure to deliver their best in order to transform us in to good citizens. Hence, we were motivated to work for the value of peace, Harmony, kindness, forgiveness, brotherhood and love. They have taught us to be compassionate, God loving, do things wholeheartedly and to lead a heart – centered Life.

They have inculcated the values of Discipline, Determination, Dedication, Devotion, creativity, punctuality, team work, Respecting the Superiors, Teachers and Parents and formed the character in us. They have taught us on Positive thinking and that ‘Winning is an attitude”. The hall mark of our teachers is simplicity besides humbleness and in - depth knowledge, wisdom and mastery.

Further more they have taught us the duties, what I call it as the “Triangle of values” or the “Triangle of student duties”- Respect, Obedience and Responsibility which indeed we have been fulfilling throughout of our lives.

We were also taught by the great personalities to “Colour inside the lines” which has made us to uphold moral, ethical, social,cultural and spiritual values besides being law abiding citizens.

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