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Police to crack whip on election propaganda violators

The Election Commission has issued limitations on election propaganda for the coming General Election 2020, police media spokesman SSP Jaliya Senaratne said yesterday.

Accordingly, the acting Inspector General has directed all police stations to take necessary action against any person who acts in violation of those limitations, Senaratne said.

According to the limitations,“Candidates contesting in the Parliamentary election and such candidates’ family members are not allowed door to door canvassing. There is no obstruction for those who are not family members.”

Processions should not take place until seven days from the date of handing over of nominations to the end of polling.

A procession for a religious ceremony is allowed, however, it should not be used to promote the election.” the EC has observed.

As per the limitations issued by the EC, door to door canvassing is limited to three people maximum and it should be done only from 7 am to 8.00 pm.

According to the EC, “Election manifestos, signs, photos, handouts, numbers or posters of candidates, political parties and independent groups can be distributed door to door. However, persons who are involved in canvassing are prohibited from displaying such material on the road or interfering with residents. In addition to that, it is prohibited to use loudspeakers, play music, wear clothes that display preference numbers and party signs.”

The EC has also noted that all election canvassing should strictly adhere to all the quarantine laws gazetted and issued to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the Commission, in the case of public meetings, flags and banner flags may be displayed only on the day and at the premises of the meeting. “Flags can be displayed on the vehicle the candidate is travelling.” it also said.

As per the limitations issued by the EC, police stated that “Necessary authorisations should be obtained when using loudspeakers at meetings. For pocket meetings, police does not need to be informed, however, the organizers should hold such meetings in compliance with health regulations issued to prevent COVID-19.”

According to the limitations no meetings are allowed until 7 days from the completion of the General Election. “All canvassing should be discontinued from August 2, 2020 midnight. During the election period, a candidate should not publicly distribute handouts, or exhibit drawings, photos, candidate photos, signs or images in public places,” police also noted.

Individuals who print, publish, distribute, paste or allow (other than the candidate) posters, brochures, leaflets that do not include the details of the printer and publisher of the election, such persons shall be found at fault, Election Commission has noted. The Election Commission has also observed that the private vehicle used by the candidate can display a poster, a flag or a sticker. “No other vehicles are allowed such display. It is also not allowed to paste stickers covering the original colour of the vehicle.”

According to the limitations, “Flags, pictures, posters or such material should not be displayed by the side of the roads. LED screen canvassing should only be done at meetings.”

The Election Commission noted that, “It is strictly prohibited to organize or hold political rallies in supportive of any candidate, political party or teams.”

The Commission has also pointed out that religious places or programs should not be used for canvassing purposes.

SSP Senaratne said police will take legal action against any person who is acting in violation of the aforesaid limitations in accordance with the 1981 Parliamentary Election Act, Police Ordinance or the Quarantine law.


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