Bomber’s factory given more copper during Rishad’s tenure - CID | Daily News

Bomber’s factory given more copper during Rishad’s tenure - CID

It was revealed at the Presidential Commission investigating into the Easter Sunday attacks that the Industrial Development Board (IDB) had provided copper to the factory owned by the suicide bomber who blew off at Cinnamon Grand Hotel on April 21, 2019 without following proper procedure.

CID’s Special Investigation Unit OIC, Chief Inspector Ravindra Wimalasiri told the Commission that the factory in question had received more copper than any other factory in violation of the set procedure.

It was revealed at the Commission that this factory in question had given Rs. 45 million to the National Thowheed Jamath in 2019.

The Commission was also informed that the copper stocks had been issued in 2017 and 2018 and the Commerce and Industry Minister at that time was Rishard Bathiudeen.

This factory had produced copper wire and exported to India. This businessman has also met Minister Rishard Bathiudeen when the export of copper was banned by the government at one time. Almost 17 to 18 per cent of copper had been issued to the suicide bomber’s factory in 2017 and this percentage of allocation has shot up to 30 to 35 per cent by 2018.

It was revealed at the Commission that other businessmen had received an allocation of only 0.5 per cent and the IDB has started providing scrap to businessmen in a bid to promote small and medium scale enterprises from 2014. The factories have been provided scrap in a very limited percentage.

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