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NEC Code of Conduct for political parties

Cautions against hate speech, criticizing private life

The National Election Commission’s (NEC) Code of Conduct for political parties, independent groups and candidates contesting the upcoming General Election has strongly cautioned against hate speech and criticizing the private life of candidates.

The Code issued last week is in effect till the results of the Election are announced.

“Refrain from any activity, expression or behaviour which could create or aggravate differences, hatred and tension between Sri Lankans of different religions, languages, races, customs and castes.

“Abstain from speech that threatens, or insults communities or social groups, especially women, persons with special needs or disabled, those of different sexual orientation and other religious or ethnic groups.

“Limit criticisms of other political parties or independent groups to their policies, programmes and their past activities, and refrain from making unsubstantiated statements or allegations against others,” the Code has said.

The Code has also asked the candidates to submit their declaration of assets and liabilities within 30 days from handing over nominations. It has asked the candidates to present to the voters ‘the Statement of Policies’ (Manifesto) of their respective party and the manner in which it would be implemented within a specified period, while submitting copies of same to the Election Commission.

It has requested not to use places of religious worship for election propaganda.

“Abstain from using the National Anthem, National Flag, religious symbols, religious flags, paintings or photographs of religious leaders to promote or demote the candidature of a candidate or parties/groups. Abstain from exhibiting them at promotional rallies, meetings or on the notices and display boards,” the Code has further instructed.  

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