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Resumption of national pool training: Rugby, Football run into snags

The Ministry of Sports announced that major sports like Cricket, Rugby and Football should restart their national pool training from the first week of June, but so far only cricket has followed the request.

Sri Lanka Cricket took the first step towards returning to action when they had their national players holding outdoor training sessions amid strict safety protocols at the CCC ground on June 2. However rest of the other sports has yet to follow suit.

Sri Lanka Rugby president Lasitha Gunaratne told the Daily News: “We are not a rich sports body and all our major national and international tournaments were postponed. There is no point in having training and it is very difficult to resume the sport according to the guidelines.”

Gunaratne further said: “We are the only sports federation running without owning proper ground facilities. Over 140 years and Sri Lanka rugby has no proper ground. We have to strictly obey the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and quarantine law. With limited resources including financial obstacles it’s difficult.

“Even for the national team to train we have to pay money for the grounds and we have to prepare lodging and other facilities for the players which will be difficult to do under the quarantine laws,” he said.

Football Federation of Sri Lanka president Anura de Silva said that although the Ministry of Sports had requested them to carry out training from June onwards they were not prepared as they are facing some difficulties.

“Most of the players are from the Forces and they were in self-isolation and others were out of the Colombo district,” said De Silva.

“We are planning to have a 17-day resident based training camp and apart from the training we are planning to have workshops also.

“Our players will do the PCR test on 19 June and will return to training on 22 June adhering to the regulations provided by the health authorities in view of the Covid-19 outbreaks,” he said.

“In stage one of the program, Amir Alagic, the head coach will work on technical and physical training of the players of the selected squad invited to attend training,” De Silva said.

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