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Several isolated areas opened up

Addressing the daily media briefing of the National Operation Centre for the Prevention of Covid-19 Army Commander Lt. Gen. Shavendra Silva said that the areas under isolation in Pannila, Beruwala in the Kalutara district, China Kotuwa area and Akurana in the Kandy district were opened up from today (3) on medical advice. Those areas would now remain normal and day-to-day activities can resume as in other areas.

Meanwhile, he said that 207 expatriates including students and state officials were expected to arrive in Sri Lanka last evening from London. They will also be directed to Quarantine Centres (QCs) for mandatory quarantining.

In addition, 11 more persons who completed the quarantine process at the Damminna Quarantine Centre and Welikanda Hospital were released to return to their homes after PCR tests confirmed they were infection-free. A total of 4,917 quarantined individuals have left the QCs, manned by the Tri-Services as of today (3), the Army Commander noted.

Meanwhile, 1,023 individuals, including family members and close associates of the Naval COVID-19 affected personal in the first and second circle of contacts were sent to quarantine centres to undergo the quarantine process.

Accordingly, 4,635 individuals are currently in quarantine at 36 Tri Services-managed QCs, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva added.

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