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Some factories in Horana BOI Zone closed

Steps have been taken to shut down some factories in the Horana, Boralugoda Export Processing Zone (BOI) due to identification of a COVID-19 positive employee in the Zone, Kalutara Regional Health Services Director Dr. Udaya Ratnayake said.

Dr. Ratnayake said the decision to shut down all nearby factories in the area where the infected person worked, was taken after a special discussion held with heads of all state institutions in the Ingiriya Health Service Division and the management of the Investment Zone.

The infected employee who works at the canteen of a factory in the Zone, is currently receiving treatment at the IDH Hospital. Another employee of the same canteen, who had been sharing a temporary lodge in Boralugoda with him, has been admitted to the Kalutara, Nagoda Hospital for investigations.

Also, a van driver who is a resident of Meerama, Ingiriya and several others residing in Dombagaskanda, Ingiriya have been asked to engage in self-quarantine with their families at home.

“Meanwhile, two other employees of the same factory who are residents of the Kanuggalla Grama Seva Division in the Kiriella Police Division have also been admitted to the Ratnapura Hospital on suspicion of contracting the virus and PCR tests will be carried out on them,” Kalutara Regional Health Services Director said.


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