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Zion Church bombing mastermind arrested

The Police apprehended the main suspect who allegedly organized the suicide bomb attack on the Zion Church in Batticaloa on Easter Sunday in 2019, said Police Media Spokesperson SP Jaliya Senaratne during  a special press conference held at the Government Information Department.
“The police commenced several investigations and based on the success of these investigations we were able to arrest the suspect. Based on the directives of the President to ensure that justice is served for all those who were killed in this attack and the many others who were affected by it, we corrected all shortcomings in our investigations. We expedited the investigations and arrested this suspect who is responsible for the loss of many innocent lives,” SP Senaratne said.
“Thereafter the investigating teams inspected all telephone records and through their investigations, they were able to arrest the main suspect who had transported the suicide bomber to the Zion Church in Batticaloa. He is the mastermind who was behind this attack and he had been absconding from the police, but eventually he was arrested by the CID,” he added.
A series of simultaneous bombings took place on April 21, 2019 targeting three churches during Easter Sunday mass and three luxury hotels. Many were killed in the attack on the Zion Church in Batticaloa when the suicide bomber blew himself up just before the Easter Mass commenced. 

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