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Kalutara suffers shortage of drinking water

The Kalutara district is facing a severe scarcity of drinking water due to the salinity of the Kalu Ganga. About 600,000 people have been affected by this problem.

Water levels in most of the rivers have also drastically decreased due to the prevailing dry weather. As a result, the community water projects in the area have stopped, leading to a severe water crisis.

People complain that saltwater intrusion has occurred in the Benthara Ganga as well, affecting many villages including Ittepana, Meegama, Thudawa, Galathara and Panthota.

Cultivations in the district have also been badly affected due to the dry weather. Ttea development officers said the tea cultivation in areas such as Palindanuwara, Bulathsinhala, Agalawatte, Yattapatha and Ihala Hewessa have been destroyed due to dry weather.

Many waterfalls in the area have dried up. The Disaster Management Centre and the district authorities are distributing drinking water in bowsers. However, people complain that the water supplied is not sufficient.

Forest conservation officers said the water retention areas have been affected due to forest fires in reserves in Bulathsinhala and Horana. Environmental organisations have pointed out that the large-scale palm oil cultivation, the tea cultivations that have replaced the rubber cultivation and the reclamation of marshy lands have also contributed to the water scarcity.

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