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Batticaloa commences Yala season harvesting

Weather, pests, irrigational issues reduce yield:

The Yala season paddy harvesting in Vakarai, Vakaneri, Pothanai, Kiran and Koraveli in the Batticaloa District commenced recently. Of the 60,459 hectares of cultivated land in the area, about 8,000 acres of paddy fields were destroyed due to the heavy rains.

Every paddy field in Valaichchenai has been affected by the breach of banks of Maduru Oya and the Mahaveli. As a result of the breakdown of the Poththanai Anicut, 700 cultivators in that area have lost their investments and are in a quandary as to how they could settle their loans.

The cultivators who depend on the Maduru Oya waters in Valaichehnai have lost their livelihood. Due to the floodwaters, the quality of paddy has suffered and certain brown plant hoppers, neck blasts and fungal diseases have also affected their crops.

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