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Gammanpila calls on UNP to throw out 19th Amendment

Pivithuru Hela Urumaya leader Parliamentarian Udaya Gammanpila on Tuesday invited the UNP to be partners in the mission to bring in a new constitution by destroying the 19th Amendment rather than protecting or strengthening it, adding that it will be a meritorious act if the UNP heeds his call and supports this mission.

Gammanpila was addressing a media conference held at his party headquarters in Pitakotte.

Gammanpila said a person had accused him of only talking about Ranjan Ramanayake voice recordings without taking action on them. He wished to tell that person that the Executive had already taken necessary action on the voice recordings. Ranjan Ramanayake has been arrested on charges of influencing the Judiciary. Now it was up to the Judiciary and the Legislature to take action on the matter. Gammanpila said the Judicial Service Commission was still silent about the threat posed to the independence of the Judiciary. The happenings in the recent past clearly showed that the 19th Amendment had not established the independence of the Judiciary.

He said the Pivithuru Hela Urumaya on its part would request the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary to take quick action regarding Ramanayake’s voice recordings.

He said Judge Padmini Ranawaka had committed a grave wrong by asking Ranjan Ramanayake to speak to the Prime Minister about her promotion. This meant that she wanted to influence the Legislature because the Prime Minister was a member of the Constitutional Council which appointed senior judges. Trying to influence the Judicial Service Commission which appointed junior Judges was a grave wrong which carried a three-year term as a penalty.

Gammanpila said new legislation should be brought in to impose heavy penalties for trying to influence the Constitutional Council.

He said the UNP General Secretary had made a statement calling upon people to rise up against attempts to abolish the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. The UNP General Secretary should feel ashamed to have issued such a statement after seeing the damage caused by the 19th Amendment. The IGP appointed under the terms of the 19th Amendment was now languishing in remand jail for an alleged grave crime.

Gammanpila said 6.9 million people had rallied round to elect a new President. But today he cannot introduce a new Budget or a new piece of legislation because he has no parliamentary majority. Neither can Parliament be dissolved before the prescribed date. All this proved that the 19th Amendment had destabilised the country.

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