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Galle Chief Magistrate suspends ban on garbage disposal of four LG bodies

Galle Chief Magistrate Harshana Kekunawela suspended the order issued by him restricting the transportation to and receiving of garbage at the Garbage Recycling Centre at Monroviyawatte in Panvila, Rathgama, Galle, for a period of six months.

The Magistrate had issued the order citing the Southern Province Local Government Commissioner and the custodian of Garbage Recycling Centre as respondents in consideration of submissions tendered by Rathgama Police.

Southern Local Government Commissioner Senaka Palliyaguru who appeared before the magistrate yesterday assured that a lasting solution would be found to the issue of garbage collection and disposal for the four Local Government bodies within six months.

In response to the interrogations by lawyers, the commissioner admitted that during rainy days methane gas is produced in the piles of garbage collected at the site, emitting an unpleasant stench and causing public nuisance. He promised that chemicals would be sprayed to arrest the smell that emanates from the garbage site.

The commissioner also told the court that at present the Galle Municipal Council, Hikkaduwa Urban Council and Rathgama and Bope Poddala Pradeshiya Sabhas dispose waste collected in their areas at the recycling centre in Rathgama.

The Galle Municipal Council had planned to establish a new compost manufacturing plant and with the commencement of the plant, the waste disposed at the Rathgama recycling site will be reduced, he said.

The magistrate on consideration of the submissions made by both parties suspended the order for a period of six months and fixed the next trial date for April 21 for the review of the progress of the process.

Rathgama Police on January 14 submitted to court that because of the operation of the said Garbage Recycling Centre, the regular activities of the people of the area were hampered owing to a number of environmental issues caused by the project.

The police pointed out that an intolerable odour was being spread in the nearby regions, the well water of the area had become polluted, and paddy fields could not be cultivated for the soil had been contaminated.

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