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Determined youth aspires entrance to NASA

A.S.Raveen Weeranayaka
A.S.Raveen Weeranayaka

A first year undergraduate of Medicine of Peradeniya University, who sat for the G.C.E. A/L Examination 2019 in the Mathematic stream with an objective of joining The National Aeronautic and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States of America has got through with “A” passes for all three subjects.

The undergraduate is A.S. Raveen Weeranayaka form Poddala, Galle. He is the eldest son of a family of three children. He also has a twin brother and one sister. His father is S.H. Weeranayake, a Technical Officer of Railway Department. His mother is Nilanthi Samanlatha.

Raveen and his twin brother had passed the Advance Level Examination in the Bio-science stream the previous year and both had qualified for university education securing three “A” passes. Naveen attained his victorious academic accomplishment, while studying at Peradeniya University. Delighted Raveen commented on his educational triumph and his ambition.

“At present I am a medical student at Preadeniya University. My ambition is to join the NASA institute. I understood that any student who is qualified in two streams of study at A/L Examination is eligible to get entry to the NASA. So with that objective I applied for the G.C.E. Examination in the Maths Stream this year as a private candidate.

I am very happy over this educational gain. I am much grateful to my parents for their ample support given to my studies. I also express my deep gratitude to my Alma Mater, Richmond College for its encouraging help and guidance given to me in my second attempt.

If you are firmly resolved and resolutely determined, no one can stop you in the reach of your objective. I worked hard with that fortitude to achieve my objective,” Naveen reiterated earnestly.

We wish this promising youth good luck in his strong-minded forward march!

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