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That Sea Lion is a warning

The Sea Lion Story, the Daily News front-paged on Monday the 25th, intrigued me no end. The Sea Lion that washed ashore at Unawatuna (incidentally my own home region) reveals - to my mind - a deeper significance than is apparent on the surface.

This is the Antarctic Summer. The icebergs and mountains of snow begin to thaw at this time. This is the invariable result of global warming.

The Sea Lion - also known as the Sea Leopard - roams the Southern Pacific expanse. To my mind, the Sea Lion that washed ashore at Unawatuna was caught in a huge rush of water that resulted from throwing of Antarctic snow formations. The Sea Lion is quite fond of penguins, which they devour with high relish. This particular Sea Lion may, for all we know - chased his food, and was caught helplessly on the rush of thawed water.

As far as I can see, the Sea Lion who washed ashore is an animal reminder to humans, of the disastrous effects in store for mankind, when global warming continues its devastating progress. I do not want to discuss at length, the vast range of damages, that global warming has brought about for the humans.

But, I thought that the Sea Lion that washed ashore brought us an important message. It is a wee bit unfortunate that the stray Sea Lion not experience the kindness of humans, who were keen to heal its injuries. I thought I will record my reaction to this event as a warning about global warming.

Others hold varied views I am sure.

Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa


Safety during the festival eve

Every end of the year sees a Jolly good period combined with leave, holiday, travelling and enjoyment for everyone.

This period, since the early days, has been considered a good time for relaxation and visiting the well-wishers. With much willingness, we dish out our hard-kept savings.

The most recent ceremonial period was Christmas. The year drew to an end with that sacred eve. The period is sacred, of course, but the motorists do not seem to take that into serious account.

The statistics take us to the stark revelation of violent accidents that occurred over the last few weeks. It is, therefore, better to take precautions of safety and non-violence. The motorists must take a separate vow not to consume intoxicating drinks and drugs.

They must attend to their business keeping the safety of other road users in mind.

It is very good if everyone thinks this way and avoids speed driving. The rush and negligence under the influence have most often ended up in tragedies unimaginable.

A little bit of caution would definitely avoid serious accidents which may cause injury or even deaths to other road users. The care must also be taken not to cross the road wearing dark dresses in the night. The pedestrians must also be cautious not to cross the fast-moving lanes.

Taking such care and precaution in driving would avoid the strain on the police officers, courts and the already burdened accident service of the national hospital.

This would lead to a free enjoyment period for all.

B. G. Jirasingha
Retired Senior Supervising Examiner of Motor Vehicles (R.M.V.)


The real harmony, peace and reconciliation

Many conferences and seminars are being held in countries world over for peace, harmony and reconciliation. United Nation Organization takes effort throughout years in this matter and we have to think of it thoroughly up to what extent all these efforts have succeeded. Many solutions and steps taken on this topic by them have failed except few – no ending to conflicts, cold blood killings, bomb blasts etc.

Every day we see in media, many people including small children are being killed in conflicts in cold blood in thousands, politically, racially, religiously divided, also countries against countries. In Sri Lanka too we suffered a lot in the 30-year-long war losing more than 30,000 invaluable lives and properties due to no peace and harmony.

At recently held Cricket series between Sri Lanka and Pakistan in Pakistan, the whole world witnessed the real harmony from Pakistan people.

When many a country refused to go to Pakistan due to security reasons, even our senior players too boycotted for the same as the world can remember very well the shooting at Sri Lankan Cricketers in Pakistan a few years back.

But at the recently held Cricket series especially at T-20 matches, everybody could see crystal clear how Pakistan people cheered and supported the rivals so enthusiastically in Sri Lankan T-shirts, waving our Sri Lankan flags, when there was no single Sri Lankan cheerer at Sri Lanka's win 3-nil T-20 series whitewashed. It's the exemplary real harmony shown by ‘em to the whole world.

What a pretty? When a rival party is in winning spirit – winning a series whitewashed, naturally rival party become violent and pandemonium breaks loose as the world has witnessed very well, instead no violence at all, only real harmony. I think this is for the first time in a Cricket series; a rival party is supporting their rivals very well so eagerly in the Cricket history. Pakistan deserves real appreciation by the entire world towards their genuine harmonic gesture shown never before.

The new era began in Pakistan making the whole world realized what is the positive real harmony and reconciliation – no rivalry – no hostilities – for a better world – to live in peace.

Joe Perera


Our ambassadors in foreign countries

There are a lot of complaints about the contributions our Embassies are making to Sri Lanka.

A lot of things are happening all over the world to tarnish our image. There are many demonstrations and protests against Sri Lanka. Are our missions or Embassies in these countries doing anything to protect the name of our country?

Are these Embassies in any way helping to increase our exports to these countries? Are they helping to bring any foreign investments to Sri Lanka?

Are these ambassadors doing anything to improve our relationship with those countries?

There are lot of complaints against these officers. Officers enjoy and develop themselves. They do not look after the country.

Our Embassies in Middle East countries are not helping our people working in those countries.

They are more interested in their private work. Educating their children, helping their relations, providing facilities when politicians visit those countries. Are these officers competent to do their job? What qualifications they have? What talents they have? How are they selected? What are they doing? What have they done? What is their background? Are they suitable for that job? What are their past records?

It is interesting to do a study and see. How much money we are spending to maintain these foreign missions? What is the return we get? We must analyze and see.

Most of our government institutions are not managed properly. It is the same with these Embassies.

It is time to do a study and make the required changes immediately. What we hear are very sad stories.

W. Dharmadasa


Dengue on the rise

The recent exposure of dengue breeding grounds in the premises surrounding Sugathadasa Stadium highlights the cause of uncontrolled spread of dengue in so many areas. It is the stubborn refusal to respond to pleas for cleaning up the breeding grounds in one’s own backyard.

While the PHI of the area diligently rushes with his team with every reported incidence of dengue, the response of the neighbours is dismal indifference. The gates remain closed and locked and the officers have to be satisfied by pasting a notice requesting the occupants to contact the MOH’s office. The regular inspection teams meet with the same problems in their routine visits. A single household which does not permit the premises to be inspected can be a breeding source for dengue for the whole neighbourhood. On the part of the PHI and his staff, it is doubtful whether there is a procedure to follow up in such an instance.

Haphazard checking of premises will not yield any results, while those who readily cooperate would in any case take preventive measures on their own, it is the house owners who keep their gates locked and avoid inspection that are a hazard to the entire neighbourhood.

KC de Silva




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