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President tells media owners: Media has correctly reported Swiss Embassy incident:

Media should uphold national image to the world – President

Addressing the owners of the country’s major news media outlets yesterday, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa affirmed that there would not be any influence wielded on the media during his term in office. He assured that there would be ample space for constructive criticism, and expressed hope that the media institutions would engage in ethical reporting without tarnishing the image of this country.

A communique by the President’s Media Division on the meeting at the Presidential Secretariat said:

“President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa said the people had brought him into power as the president of this country with great expectations. Among the most prominent expectations people have is to improve the efficiency of politicians and state officials, eradicate corruption and economic development. Therefore, the President expressed hope that he would receive the fullest co-operation of the media in fulfilling these goals.

Rajapaksa noted that building the country’s image internationally was vital in attracting foreign investment and economic co-operation. The President pointed out that the media has a great responsibility in this regard. He commended the media for the manner they reported the recent incident regarding the Swiss Embassy employee.

Expressing regret over international media attempts to highlight this incident unnecessarily, President Rajapakse said that the local media has the responsibility and ability to rectify these false reports.

Referring to the countrywide enthusiasm for street mural painting, the President had observed that this was not done based on anyone’s request, but was spontaneous creative initiative of the patriotic youth in this country. The President said that the media has a big role to play in encouraging such creativity.

Media owners representing the electronic and print media attended the meeting with the President.


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