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PM allocated largest number of public institutions:

President to hold key institutions, agencies of State

The management of the largest number of public institutions and agencies have been allocated to the President and the Prime Minister, according to the Gazette Extraordinary listing the subjects, functions and institutional purview of ministries of the new government that has been issued by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

The Gazette issued on December 10th in accordance with Articles 43/1 and 46/1 of the Constitution lists out the duties, functions and institutions that have been allocated to each of the 29 ministries of the Government.

According to the Gazette, 31 institutions including the Armed Forces, Police Department, Civil Security Department, State Intelligence Service (SIS), Immigration and Emigration Department, Department of Registration of Persons, Disaster Management Center, National Disaster Relief Service Center, National Building Research Organization, Meteorology Department, National Dangerous Drug Control Board, National Media Center and, Telecommunication Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka have been gazetted under the Ministry of Defence held by the President.

The largest number of institutions, totalling 48, has been allocated to the Ministry of Finance, Economic and Policy Development held by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. The General Treasury, Central Bank, Security and Exchange Commission, all state banks and their subsidiaries, National Lotteries Board, Development Lotteries Board and Employee’s Trust Fund are among them.

All the religious affairs departments, Archeology Department and the Cultural Affairs Department have been gazetted under the Ministry of Buddha Sasana, Cultural and Religious Affairs.

The Department of Government Information, Department of Government Printing, and the State sector media institutions (SLRC, SLBC, ITN, ANCL etc) have been gazetted under the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology. The Department of Government Printing was under the purview of the President earlier.

The Foreign Employment Bureau of Sri Lanka and the Employees’ Provident Fund have been gazetted under the Ministry of Labour Relations.

The ‘1990’ Suvaseriya Foundation, which was earlier under the purview of the Ministry of Economic Reforms have been gazette under the Ministry of Health by the President.

The full list of allocated public institutions is published on the Web.

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