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‘Discrepancies in documents on revoked US citizenship’

Why hide Gota's citizenship documents from media? - Mangala

There is a doubt as to whether SLPP Presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa has actually renounced his US citizenship or is he still a US Citizen, Finance Minister Mangala Samaraweera queried yesterday.

The Minister noted what he said were ‘discrepancies’ in the documents shown by Rajapaksa’s lawyer Ali Sabri PC at a hurriedly summoned press conference. The documents shown were purported to be the cancelled passport and the certificate of loss of citizenship of Rajapaksa.

 That there were discrepancies was all the more apparent by Sabry’s refusal to provide copies of those certificates to the media, Samaraweera charged in Twitter messaging. Minister Samaraweera on Twitter said that President’s Counsel Ali Sabri’s lawyer licence should be cancelled for displaying false documents intended to mislead the public.

Samaraweera further claimed “the slip is showing” in the false documents shown at the press conference. It carried the word “CANCEL” whereas the proper wording should be “CANCELLED”. This showed that those who framed the false documents did not even know how to use the proper wording to show that it’s authentic. Another slip in the doctored documents was the date. According to the US system the date is denoted with the year first, month second and, the date the third and last.

“The doctored documents had indicated the date, month and year in that order to suggest that the citizenship was cancelled in May,’ Samaraweera claimed.

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