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Timeless and soothing designs



Architect Krishantha Jayawardhana shares his insights on creating beautiful spaces for Kelsey Homes.

Architect Krishantha Jayawardhana has a passion for creating beautiful spaces that people can thrive in and call home. He graduated as an architect in 2004 and went on to pursue his charter. However it was whilst he was working at a leading firm in Colombo, that he discovered his passion for interior design. It is in this capacity that he currently partners with Kelsey Homes, offering the leading property developer insights into creating versatile, uplifting and functional spaces that exude the warmth and comfort of a home. In this article, he shares his design philosophy, key tips and highlights of some of the top design elements that have been incorporated into the projects under his purview.

A long-standing passion for design: Commenting on his career and journey to date, Krishantha stated: “From my childhood days, I always had a love for building things, I was always making little houses and creating things, and that passion stayed with me into my teenage and adult years. I chose to pursue a career in design and architecture and graduated from University of Moratuwa and went on to pursue my M.Sc. in Architecture and charter thereafter.”

Fusing functionality and design: Sharing the design process Krishantha added “Generally the structural designs are handled by well reputed Structural Engineers and Kelsey Homes works with some of the best Architects in the industry including Surath Wickramasinghe and Murad Ismail.

Thereafter they work with the design team to facilitate any adjustments based on customer requests and preferences. Kelsey considers the style and purpose of the home that they are creating - for instance Templer’s Square in Mount Lavinia is more of a contemporary, urban home, whilst Verdant Villas is more spacious and follows a villa styled layout, it has lots of verandahs and more room in general (for us to add a variation of looks to). They therefore have to create the interiors and design elements that match the different houses, their settings and functions. I also worked on an apartment building Urban HeightsWattala by Kelsey Homes and finalized the furnishings, curtaining and interiors, to give it a calming and modern finish.”

DIY design tips: Providing valuable design tips for homeowners, Krishantha explained “First of all, you need to take your lifestyle into consideration, then you need to fix your budget and decide what sort of ambiance you want to create and come home to. Keep in mind that you will have to come home to whatever design you choose to every day, so go for something timeless and soothing, and put together an aesthetic that you will not tire of seeing day in and day out. When bringing your design to life, try to get as much value for money as possible by mixing and matching different pieces, until you get the desired look and feel. One great benefit about Kelsey Homes’ properties, is that you get beautiful interiors included with each home, and you can make minor adjustments and customize these further to suit your personal preferences and requirements.”

Unique interiors, crafted by Kelsey Homes: Highlighting the design tips that he has applied at different Kelsey Homes properties, he further added: “One tip that I always advise homeowners to follow, is to stick to light shades and neutral colours in cream, white or soft blue-grey hues. These colours will never go out of style and you can match them with a variety of furniture pieces, artwork and aid to create more space of your own.

Try and avoid striped or checked fabrics and heavy patterns, always keep in mind that you have to tie all of the different elements together in some way, so try to create a connection between each element. As an example, perhaps the colour of your window panel could match or complement the colour of your wall, or that colour might carry through to a cushion cover or part of your rug. Also try to keep the area clutter free and stick to keeping clear surfaces, do avoid covering all of your surfaces with ornaments and “a packed cupboard” with them.

A clutter free look really does accentuate a sense of space and gives you an area that you can relax in without your eyes constantly being distracted.”

Villa living or urban chic, finishes and space matter: Commenting on the importance of finishes and creating designs that suit a specific space, Krishantha said “City living is much more compact, but with a villa you have much more space to work with. Sometimes minimal furniture in a villa can make it look very empty, so we always recommend homeowners to try to invest in signature pieces such as sofas, paintings and even lighting fixtures - to create a warm and homely ambiance that fits a larger space.

With Verdant Villas in Negombo, we used copper light fittings in the Living and Dining areas, and these add a beautiful little touch that added a whole new layer of sophistication and appeal to a space. With villa interiors, you need little accents and a few striking pieces that command attention.”

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