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Where will we be in 2025?

There will be a Presidential Election and a General Election in a few months.

Let us assume that a very good new President is appointed. Let us also assume after the General Election, we have appointed a very good Prime Minister, a very good Cabinet of Ministers and about 235 very good Members of Parliament.

Under these circumstances, after five years in 2025, the position of our country will be as follows:

Sri Lankan airlines is a successful and profitable organisation not depending on the taxpayer.

Ceylon Electricity Board is also profit-making and not depending on taxpayers’ money.

Railway Department is modernized with all new facilities. It is also running at a profit. All railway lines are repaired and we have a sufficient number of engines and compartments. There are no complaints against the train service. There are no strikes and productivity of staff is high.

Government and the private bus services are improved. We have very good buses. Very few accidents. Drivers and conductors are well trained. They are very kind to the passengers.

All other government organisations are profit-making without any mismanagement or corruption.

Government organisations like the Customs Department and Inland revenue Department are very well managed.

Justice is not only done but appear to have done. If there is a complaint against someone, investigations are done immediately and he is punished or released within three months. This will apply to all civil cases and criminal cases.

Corruption and bribery is minimized. There are no complaints.

All the schools are brought to the same very good level. There are no difficulties for parents to educate their children. There are enough schools and universities.

Government hospitals are very good. No shortage of beds or medicine. We do not have to wait in queues for two to three hours. Hospitals are very clean. Washrooms are clean and with all facilities.

Public service is very efficient and very well managed. There is no corruption. The public can get their things done without any difficulty.

We have paid most of the foreign loans. There is no debt crisis. Our exports are improved. The financial position of the country is good.

We manufacture most of our requirements. We have our factories. Our industries are improved. We manufacture all our requirements.

We have good governance in our country. Members of the Parliament are very honest and dedicated. There is discipline in parliament. President, Cabinet and the Prime Minister work like a group and very responsible manner. Their only motive is to improve the country. All decisions are taken to develop the motherland.

There are no doctors’ strikes. No nurses’ strikes. There are no railway or bus strikes. CEB and Petroleum Corporation work smoothly without strikes. There is discipline in universities. University students study in universities without coming on to the road and arrange protest rallies or protest marches.

We hope we have a country like this in the year 2025. For this, we very kindly request all political leaders, all political parties, all professionals, all civil society organisations, religious leaders, and the general public to get together and appoint excellent people to govern this country.

If correct people are appointed to manage this country, the above mentioned good results can easily be achieved.

D. Weeratunga


Corruption in the Pharma Industry

We congratulate Kasturi Chellaraja Wilson on her appointment as the new President of the Federation of Pharma Industry. She probably is the first Professional Accountant to lead this chamber and with her background as a Finance and Audit Professional where professional ethics is of paramount importance, she can be a change-maker in the pharma industry to ensure zero tolerance to fraud, bribery and corruption.

We all undertake a career or an entrepreneurial activity primarily for a financial reward but under any circumstances, we cannot tolerate fraud, bribery and corruption.

It is an open secret that there are massive fraud and corruption in the pharma industry. There is no better evidence than from President Sirisena himself who mentioned during the early stages of his presidential career that he was offered the US $ 1 million as a bribe from the pharmaceutical industry when he was the Health Minister.

I have seen my doctor friends enjoying foreign holidays, weekend stays in Sri Lankan resort hotels, obtaining luxury items as gifts from the Pharma Industry in return for prescribing branded medicines. A good doctor should strictly adhere to ethics and should not work according to any hidden agenda to make money. Recently, I consulted a leading retired physician who in the first few minutes of conversation was keen to find out where I live (Cinnamon Gardens or suburbs) and then accordingly prescribe treatment. He indirectly put the question to show as if my place of residence impacted on my illness. I was smart enough to mention a suburb and was dressed simply. He prescribed the cheapest medicine in the market and my illness was brought under control with diet control and medication.

So, I appeal to those in the pharma industry to earn their money decently by ethical marketing and in no way induce doctors to prescribe certain brands in return for gifts. Money earned honestly will last forever. A word of caution to those in the pharma industry - The UK Bribery act could penalise any Sri Lankan company having operations in the UK if it was involved in fraud and corruption outside the UK.

Priyantha Perera


Negative consequences of ragging

Ragging in Sri Lankan universities is deeply embedded in the university subculture. Each year every senior batch rags the next batch of junior students which repeats in a vicious circle.

The ragging culture in the universities and Higher Study Institutions has degenerated and destructed the life of thousands of innocent students in the country. The University Grants Commission has recently revealed that 1,989 students have dropped their university studies and 14 deaths have occurred due to this inhuman and sadistic ragging in universities during the last two years.

This is an alarming figure because every year around 3 million students sit for the Advanced Level Examination and only 25,000 students are selected to all 15 National Universities in the country. So much have been said and done to eradicate this ragging culture from universities but every effort became futile due to unruly and boisterous behaviour of students.

These university students very often cut their lectures and purposely get involved in the nasty and callous ragging activity in the universities. The saddest part of this ragging is the innocent and poor rural area students become the victims of this ragging menace in universities. These remote area students are brainwashed by bad elements to get involved in this ragging business.

These university students fail to understand one thing that they waste the hard-earned money of their poor parents who sacrifice their entire life for the sake of bright future of their children. Moreover, students who undergo this ragging torture will be mentally and physically upset. The act of ragging indirectly makes the parents also experience the same type of physical and mental pain because of their children’s distress and unrest.

In fact, the students who engaged in this hateful act in the universities tend to skip their classes and missed many important lessons and ultimately they will become referred in their subjects which make the delay in obtaining their degrees. The government, university administration and University Grants Commission have taken several measures to curb this menace from universities but they could not prevent it perfectly. Whenever the university administration takes steps to stop this ragging menace from universities, the students used to threaten the university administration through their student unions. In many occasions if the police department takes a student under their custody for ragging one of their juniors, the students along with the student unions will come to the road and protest against the university administration, police department and the government to release their fellow students who inhumanly tortured the fresher.

It is important to note that the students who very often involved with this ragging will lose their valuable lessons that will pave the path for the poor performance in their overall subjects and the quality of their degrees also questionable. Thus spending time unnecessarily on meaningless ragging, protest and strike will definitely distract the main objectives of your university education. So, put a permanent full stop for this useless ragging and invest your precious time on your studies and make your future prosperous and bright then only your parents and your motherland will appreciate your education and existence in the world.

M. Jalaldeen Isfan


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