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Opening ‘Construct Exhibition 2019’

Construction should heed environment, cultural identity - President

All construction work in the country should give heed to the country’s environment and culture, President Maihripala Sirisena said yesterday speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the “Construct Exhibition 2019”, the largest construction sector exhibition of the country being held at the BMICH. The Construct Exhibition, is being held for the 19th occasion under the theme “Strengthening the future of Sri Lankan Construction Industry”.

The President said that when construction is being undertaken, proper attention should be paid to efficient power consumption, management of raw materials and resources, protecting the environment of the construction site, water management, and, social and cultural suitability.

He further added that a broad discussion was important to have a solidly established and high-tech equipped construction industry.

The President stressed that the government was ready to render any sort of assistance for the construction sector’s development including implementing novel technologies and trends.“It is highly necessary to have a dialog on mitigating the issues of the construction sector. All the necessary assistance will be provided for construction sector development,” he added.

Speaking on the hindrances faced by the construction sector, President Sirisena said that sometime it could be observed that certain circulars were issued, certain political decisions were taken by politicians that go against state policies that are hampering the progress of the construction industry. In such situations, the government will mediate to normalise the situation, he said.

The President remarked on the importance of paying attention to environmental changes and impacts and, global economic trends.

The technological capabilities and skills of the state and private construction sectors should be evaluated with the objective of further empowering the local construction sector. Therefore, the skills of the medium and small construction sectors, were needed to be evaluated frequently, he said. 

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