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Why the politicians are not serious

We should have a national policy for various things that are important. There should be a national policy on education and higher education. On Capital Punishment. On foreign policy of the country. On foreign investments in Sri Lanka. On the judiciary system. On internal trade and trade with foreign countries. On matters related to inland revenue. How we handle terrorism. On appointments to important government positions.

But see what is happening now. Take any matter of national importance. President will tell one thing. Prime Minister will tell something else. Leader of the Opposition will tell his opinion. Speaker will tell his opinion. Ministers will tell their opinion. MPs will tell various things.

This is unacceptable. For important matters, there should be a national policy, and everybody should respect that policy, that is what is happening in other successful countries.

This is one reason that there is no discipline in the country. Government employees work according to these policies. When there is no policy, government officers are confused. They will guess what the national policy is, that is why the government service is in a mess.

So we very kindly request the politicians to talk in a more responsible manner. They should respect the national policies. If they do not have a national policy, they must make a national policy immediately. They must not tell one thing today and tell something else tomorrow. They must not tell one thing in Matara and tell something else in Jaffna. They must not tell one thing to Indians and tell something else to Americans.

They must not tell that I cannot remember. They must not tell that nobody told me.

We want the politicians to behave in a responsible manner, otherwise people will not take seriously what they say. They will be treated as jokers.

See great religious leaders like the Buddha and Jesus Christ. They had one clear policy. They did not change their policy. They lived according to their policies. They did not tell one thing and do something else, that is why we respect them.

D. Weeratunga


We need a statesman, badly!

Those of us among the majority, neither verbose nor rhetorical, make a request from the UNP’s presidential hopeful, Sajith Premadasa, to consider the serious implications of Mother Lanka. Only if the tribal mentality of our people is allowed to be sustained.

Tribalism is a narrow and selfish concept of togetherness, binding families and communities. My suggestion and plea to Premadasa is to put the country first.

History will remember you, Mr. Premadasa, much longer, than your actual life. You will be remembered much, much more than the cardboard patriots who are now boasting that they can bring peace and tranquillity, the very thing they destroyed the other day.

Numerous memories are afresh. Torture, murder, kidnapping, all with impunity... but our hands are tied. The public has limited resources to highlight these happenings.

We are on multiple crossroads, and this country, today, looks like a place where we can never return to sanity, democracy and freedom of speech.

We see on the horizon, the dark clouds of yesterday, the kidnapping and murder of journalists, the threats to each and everyone who dares to stand up.

Please rise, Mr. Premadasa, to be the real first statesman. For the sake of this country that has never had a statesman.

Withdraw, from contesting for the presidency and offer all the support along with your well-wishers to Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and win him the presidency.

This will establish an image of a gentleman, who, by this temporary sacrifice, last a maximum of five years. You are young and you will win the next presidency, for sure.

You will be remembered, regarded as the one and the only politician who has understood the threat of family ownership of Mother Lanka and thwarted it by making a sacrifice.

Remember that there is no assurance of your victory if your party is split, given the tribal mentality of this country. Protect the five million block votes of your party.

It is this block vote that will give you the presidency next time.

Regain the status it has enjoyed. This will help the family which gained an identity through the backdoor of the blues and now split and hijacked the ideas and ideals of the blues, creating its own image, in the hope that this family can keep a stranglehold on Sri Lankan politics, for years to come.

Walter Fernando


The power of genuine concern

I refer to the article by Dr. Asoka Thenuwara which appeared in the Citizen’s Column on July 31 titled “Feelings of a plant”.

I think we all should reflect deeply on the significance of that extraordinary and quite unbelievable incident described therein.

The power of genuine concern is demonstrated in no uncertain manner and even a plant will respond to it. On reflection, isn’t that the ‘only thing’ that is required? Do we need rules and regulations like the Buddhist Five Precepts and the Ten Commandments in Christianity which are recited daily in schools and in religious ceremonies in a monotonous regularity? Incidentally, only the Fifth Precept can be truly adhered to in practice the way society functions. Would a person who has a genuine concern and care for others, yes including for plants and animals, ever deceive another person or steal what belongs to others etc.?

Every day articles are written and speeches given on the need for reconciliation and living in harmony etc, etc. which emphasizes the differences and hence are counterproductive.

It is my view that true peace can only come if there is a genuine concern for all beings including animals, plants etc. irrespective of artificial manmade differentiation like nationality, religion etc. It is useless preaching about tolerance, harmony etc. because it is the need for such concepts that must go and that can happen only through unconditional concern.

Wathsala S. Dulanjalee


Can women be appointed as Quazis?

One of the few amendments to the MMDA act is to appoint Quazis from the weaker sex. According to a saying of Prophet (Peace be upon him) women are ‘naqisul aql’ which means intellectually deficient and therefore, I am of the opinion that they are not suitable for the above post. Otherwise, there would have been prophetess, female caliphs, female Imams and so on in Islam.

The above saying is part of the narration that the females are deficient in faith, deficient in shares and deficient in intellect.

As for their deficiency in faith, it is their sitting back from ritual prayers and fasting in the days of their menstruation. And as for their deficiency in their intellects, it is because the testimony of two women is like the testimony of one man. As for their deficiency in shares, it is because their inheritance is half that of men.

Will not a woman’s judgement be more emotionally based rather than rational? Women unlike men undergo labour pains, pre-menstrual tension, postpartum bleeding, their lachrymal glands triggers into activation, pronto, even for the slightest provocation or when faced with a minor issue notwithstanding plays a major role within the home – looking after the children and household chores. It is better that a male Quazi adjudicate in marital issues and if the verdict proclaimed is totally unfair by the weaker sex, may Allah punish him in this world and the hereafter and for the women to be patient and seek Allah’s help. She may invoke the curse of Allah on the Quazi if she is victimised for no fault of hers.

Men are the protectors and maintainers of women, because Allah has made one of them to excel the other, and because they spend (to support them) from their means says the Holy Quran. I think that it’s better that this responsibility is not to be shouldered by the weaker sex. Allah knows best.

I hope that I have not stirred a hornet’s nest for being outspoken and it is said that hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. Dear sisters, please do not think that I am a misogynist for highlighting weaknesses in the weaker sex. I would like to be considered rather a “philogynist’’ -platonic love, of course!

Mohamed Zahran
Colombo 14


Candidates, be more sensible!

Election promises should be backed by their intended policies. Voters expect to know their thinking on vital issues such as safeguarding forests and animals which are now at the mercy of politicians and powerful people. Organising proper public transport.

Politicians set an example by denouncing luxury life such as travelling in big high powered limousines. Others like much needed electoral and constitutional reforms which are often forgotten. Curtailing holidays in order to improve production are some of the urgent necessities to save the country.

Tudor Wickremasinghe
Colombo 9

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